Progress report: Hearthstone Help and a Cooking Comp

What a week this was.

The biggest event of the week was the hubbies operation on Friday and it has taken a lot of time away from doing me stuff. I love my me stuff and I get cranky without it.

Lots of waiting over the last few days. We were in the wait room at the hospital for over 2 hours and then after the hubby went in I didn’t see him again for eight hours. I walked around, got lunch but there is really only so much you feel like doing in that circumstance.
It was a very long operation and I was getting worried. He came out ok but was having some breathing troubles. Stayed at a nearby hotel but didn’t sleep well, it was a very nice place but you can’t help thinking of these things and it results in a rather troubled sleep.

By the morning he was doing a lot better, we ended up taking a walk out of the hospital and decided to have a late breaking together at a nearby Cafe, which was absolutely delucious. On the way back we met one of the wards people who’d been looking for us and we’re about to call the police because they thought we’d done a runner, plus he still had a catheter in his arm.

Once home it was as expected and the hubby is acting like a big man baby. He has a habit af focusing on and repeating what’s wrong to the point were it obviously makes him feel worse then he actually is. Say something though and you’re the worst person in the world.

The first night and days home were rather bad. Pain and restricted movement so I was doing absolutely everything and helping out where I could. Being the good wifey. He was up and down a lot and needing help so I didn’t get that much sleep and I don’t tend to operate well without it.. That periods all a blur to me now.

By Sunday he was doing a lot better and I’d had a decent nap on the couch (read passed out) so I began a marathon cooking time to prepare for the next week or more, all prepackaged and ready within the freezer now. This means I might not have as much to do during the week after getting home which is good for gaming and great for sleep (or so I thought) .

I ended up reading the novel Grimspace while waiting around. It’s been on my kindle for a while after reading a recommendation by a blog I can no longer remember (if it was you, thank you) and it was actually a rather interesting story.

It revolves around a pilot who who ends up being blamed for a crash that kills many people. This then follows the story of a bunch of rebels who rescue her and then follow along with their own goals and also hiding from the main corporate body that controls much of the main planet, towns, and transit lanes.

It has a weird structure to the story, especially at the start. It’s very conversational with a first person view and a lot if monologue points. It introduces the characters personality well bit not much else and your left filling in the gaps . after a while you get used to it but it never stops feeling a little odd.

The story also has a rather disjointed flow. There is a far reaching story encompassing it all and a main goal for the protagonists but it so often feels rather disjointed. There are distinct endings were it’s more like your watching a TV show that wants to wrap a part up while setting it up for the next week. It’s also that they get up to a lot of side quests that take up a lot of time to resolve yet don’t relate to the core mission and themes all that well.

The biggest strength I think is just how unexpected a lot of the events are. It’s less like this perfect altruistic group working towards some greater cause and more like a bunch of very flawed people with their own selfish agendas in a deeply impure and immoral world. This actually makes the story and event feel more relatable. Everything that happens is still very shocking at times, in a good or bad way, but it’s still consistent with what you know and understand.

Well, now for what I’ve been playing.

A little more Cook Serve Delicious and getting ready for the upcoming tournament Hosted by Doone. Practicing a little more and digging myself deeper and deeper into the indulgence that is casual games. A glut of flashy effects and simplistic aims but enjoyable.

I’ve kept up with the dailies in Hearthstone but am increasingly thinking I should probably learn more and have better constructed decks. I just tend to like making my own decks with things I like and that feel fun to play but it’s not really good enough a lot of the time.

I was mostly doing ok in play mode and have a win rate around even, that is until playing a friend where I got slaughtered every single time. They’ve been playing for a few months now and have a lot I don’t but I think it was more to do with the deck construction.

I guess I never really had a focus on what I wanted to be.. Aggressive or control and my decks were never really consistent. They put me onto this guide as well regarding the better neutral cards to pick during arena which also relates to the better cards to pick for your regular decks. Learning more about arena is also good as it means you can maybe earn better rewards for the gold you have earned more efficient use.

The other thing of been playing a lot this past weekend is Landmark. I like keeping these weekly posts semi-consistent and it says a lot that I couldn’t be assed and just wanted to keep exploring and digging. I love this style of game, I really do and Landmark feels like it is going to be a more modern take on the creative freedom those other products provide.

Should have a post soon about what I think.

Well dats all folks and may your picks be forever sharp and the gems plentiful

*written and edited on the phone. Changes incoming later… Unless I start digging again*

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  1. I am glad everything worked out with you and your husband. You seem like you are handling it well without being too much more of a grouch! Hopefully he will be 100% really soon.

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