5 Top Tips for Hearthstone

It seems blizzard has unleashed a new gaming plague on the world that, like World of Warcraft will ravish the genre and corrupt all nearby into its steely jaws. Their products have always had this certain pull, a pull I often can’t resist and this one seems no different. Hearthstone. Get ready folks as you’ll be hearing a lot more about it this year.

A collectible card game that isn’t even out of beta yet and has already eclipsed anything else current, or being developed within that genre. It will be a phenomenon.. rightly or wrongly so is really up to the individual. It seems I’ve fallen prey to its influence as well. I’ve been dutifully completing my dailies, constructing my own decks and jumping into the deep end of the arena. It’s been good and I’ve enjoyed my time so far.

There is just so much to learn though so to help others I thought I’d give my top 5 tips for getting the best Hearthstone experience.


Instead of the usual chat interface I’m used to with multiplayer games Hearthstone they have a small range of emotes relating to specific, but regular events. There is one that you should get comfortable with, and that is the “Well Played” emote. This little action shows your superiority over another player – that you, not them are the better player here and that they were unworthy of playing against you.

In every game when it looks like you are about to win, even by a few turns be sure to spam this emote over and over again until your opponent rightful realises their mistake and concedes. This is a way of helping them not waste your time with needless battle and well.. is good sportsmanship.



Hearthstone is a game of strategy and wit, as such it is an unspoken agreement that you should always take as much time as you can making your choices. The limited card acquisition and regular pacing of resource gain can be tough to understand during the course of a match and as such each new piece of information should always be re-evaluated in turn with all other available options.

Giving yourself the time to make these decisions is paramount, but it is also just proper etiquette when in a match. Your opponent will also need all this time you are taking, as well as their own to devise their own strategies so take all the possible time your turn gives… your opponent will thank you for it.


Balance is hard for every game, especially so for one in beta therefore it is a given you’re going to be coming across cards that are unbalanced and overpowered next to your’s. If you are a new player this issue is compounded even further as you won’t have access to a whole range of overpowered cards.

Remembering this facts you can remain calm when beaten as it is quite obvious your opponent would have one of these overpowered decks based on rarer cards, an overpowered character or a combination of both. Losing is not your fault but a fault of the game so any swear words directed at the game or your opponent are entirely justified.



The usual amazing art design from the Blizzard team is here in full force in fact, it translates a lot better in this two-dimensional medium than any other game as you get the true artists impressions on the cards. There are so magnificent designs and spectacular character design and it also has the wonderful nostalgic feeling to towards World of Warcraft so why put this to waste.

Whenever you’re building a deck be sure to put in the cards you like. The creatures and characters you remember from past experiences or just those that look amazingly pretty. If you have some gold foil cards be sure to always put these in as well instead of their boring twin.


As can be expected from any online multiplayer game there is already a strict Meta in place providing a list of decks tiered in importance and potential. Why bother doing all the hard work; of doing personal calculation on the cards, lists of important skills, and creation of counters to other popular decks when someone has already done all this work for you and created the best possible deck, one far better than you could ever dream of creating.

As per point 3, you will be coming across these overpowered decks regularly within your play so, if you can’t beat-em, join-em. Of course if you don’t have the necessary cards feel free to relate to point 4 and put in pretty cards to compensate. Pretty usually means awesome and having the good-looking cards, the rares and gold foiled make you look even more pro.

As you can see this is a foolproof way for getting the most out of your hearthstone experience and the key to having fun within it’s wonderful embrace. I hope these tips see you well into the foreseeable future; that they enrich your gaming, take you to the heights of arena life and fill your competitors with overwhelming delight with how much you know of good etiquette within Hearthstone.

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  1. You don’t appreciate the ability to chat in a multiplayer game until this power is taken form you, and you are forced to work with six emotionless buttons instead. That is the real meta of Hearthstone.

  2. Even in a game where the chat is limited to a handful of characters, I choose to squelch the moment the game starts (and have asked for an ‘auto squelch’ button). My experience with competitive games has lead me to believe it is less stressful. Especially when “Well Played” has effectively turned into “Fuck off”

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