Link Dead Radio: Early Impressions

Well, I kinda, maybe didn’t read as much around the interwebz again this week although I at least have a larger collection than the last batch. I would like to say I was doing something important but that would be a lie… on the plus side I now have a viridian pick and the beginning of an awesome pad in Landmark sooooo..

The links

  • The mmo Gypsy has a reminder for everyone about what Alpha means and to keep such things in mind when purchasing games and giving feedback. While I do tend to submit Bug reports during this time I’m not much of a forum commenter during these stages, I’m no game design expert so tend to keep to myself. Even then I still find it a wonderful thing to be involved in the early processes of game development and see the ideas unfold before me. Such a thing isn’t for everyone though.
  • I’ve been watching, and loving the first series of Almost Human this week. It looks to be an interesting new sci fi cop drama but with a heart, with cool characters and just the right mix of futuristic sciency stuff mixed with modern trappings. I find it hard to review TV shows and give a good impression piece on them as I just seem to miss the nuance in this medium but luckily Robo Heart Beat does a fantastic job.
  • Sheep the diamond is asking whether MMO’s (and I would say gaming in general) is making us less detail orientated. These experiences keep getting streamlined enough that they are constantly removing the need for problem solving, lessening player control, and only creating the choices they deem appropriate.
  • Inventory Full has noticed a rise in the kindness of strangers in Landmark with how players have been creating communal areas for players to craft in and how this has effected the ways players interact with each other in positive ways.
  • Eurogamer has sentimental post about two of my absolutely favourite old development studios, the amazing Bullfrog and Lionhead studio and a few of their failed projects that the public never saw.

and now the better late than never article

  • Excellent article at the Indie gamer chick about the Indie Ego. It explores the creation and propagation of an indie bubble that attempts to set itself aside from regular gaming while at the same time claiming itself above such trite. It looks at the developers who lose touch with the reality of the industry or the fans who immediately scream sell out to someone enjoying a game from a bigger studio.

I do find it a little ironic that a developer is actually suing her for the article considering that you would have to have a huge ego to think the article was singling someone out or damaging anyone’s reputation

The Vids

Elite dangerous

Wolf Among Us episode 3

Child of Light