Progress Report: Idle Hands and Indecision

It has been a week of nothing special, which means a pretty normal week this week. Nothing amazing happened just the usual work, cooking, cleaning and aimlessly scrolling through the net.

At the moment I really have no idea what I want to play again. A little because we have this big new title approaching and I don’t won’t to get attached to anything in particular and a bit because I’m overloaded on games at the moment and just feel a little crippled for choice. So much there, and I love having choices to fit my moods but nothing really sufficed this last week, well nothing except for one game in particular.

What I did do was end up purging my computer of a few games I have played enough of now. Rogue legacy, Towns, Fez, Tera and of course Cook Serve Casual. I was on my way to getting a 3 star restaurant, I had all the other parts of the checklist complete but I still had to play several days to get it. It felt like it doesn’t change enough or add enough to the game with each tier for me to keep playing. I think I got my money’s worth but that might be it for me.

I jumped into landmark a little for some more detail work on the claim but really not that much. I chopped wood for a while in order to get more Burled wood and that was about it. The Roadmap for Landmark has been posted with some really fundamental and needed pieces coming up soon like social mechanics, claim sharing and a change to the structure of the world with underground deposits and caves.

There is a lot more to come and I think, a phasing away from our little islands onto a larger world. To be honest, I really don’t feel like doing that much until then As I kind of enjoying making my buildings apart of the land rather than just taking over so saving a template for later wouldn’t work as well. Plus I like building for what my current mood is and I really don’t know what I’ll want to create then.

I Think I might have played more but my laptop doesn’t seem to like playing it and after that play session I think I might have overheated the puter a little. Was getting a couple graphical glitches and such that persisted after giving it a break. Not good, hoping the laptop can last me a lot longer until I can get together a new one.

I jumped into Starbound for a bit but it seems my laptop still can’t play it very well, even after it has been a bit more optimised. When playing I tend to get a lot of screen freezes which make it frustrating during combat as the mobs and I bounce around. Have to come back later than it seems… much later.

What I did play was a lot of Rayman Legends and wow is it an absolutely amazing game. I think I called it a perfect puzzler as it does what it aims to just so well while also incorporating a lot of new interesting features that expand on the core interest rather than distracting from it. I played it pretty much an entire day, completing as many levels and such that I possible could and after that I just felt content. It was so good that it was kind of worth the hand cramps I had from not being used to a controller any more, that persisted for hours after. I loved it so much I thought to give a little mini review.. which has gotten a bit away from me now so I might make that a separate post.

For the week to come I have a lot of plans that may not turn out but look good nonetheless. I downloaded both Hawken and Path of Exhile to try. I loved Hawken when I played it during Beta but after its recent Steam release I’ve been reading about core changes to the design that sound like it would lessen the experience. Path of Exile because a friends playing at the moment and has some high praise for it.

I’ve patched Up Firefall as I’m interested to see what has changed and if the game has improved over the time I’ve been away. I’m also thinking about playing some multiplayer Project Zomboid. Now that the multiplayer component has been released with most of its major bugs patched I’m wanting to maybe join one of the servers the community has set up so I can play with others. It’s a great game that, with a multiplayer element would be amazing

Have a great week yall, and may your mind match your gaming love to your gaming mood


2 thoughts on “Progress Report: Idle Hands and Indecision

  1. Path of Exile has some really, really great ideas. I still like it, but I just don’t have the time that I used to have to spend in games. Like you, I have to be selective 🙂

    Real shame you’re dropping out of Cook, Serve, Delicious! But I understand why. There’s more competitions and other goals to have in the game, but it does take a while to really see them. It almost comes off too casual to the point where the depth is masked too well. I plan to put together some cooking guides for the game and publish them on Steam. Maybe that’ll get you back in the kitchen with the rest of us chefs!

    • Yeh, so little time and you have to pick and choose the games your interested in.

      I know I might joke a lot bout it but I don’t think it’s a casual game, sure maybe in the beginning but it requires a lot of time and a level of micro management that would need practice. I like management games just not those that constantly require my attention… I’m more the Simcity or civ type.

      Also sorry for the late reply

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