Guest Post: A Rift to the Past (Healing the Masses)


The Voluntines Ringmaster himself, the venerable and vivacious Veteran of social Events, C.T Murphy, has another for us that’s running this very week. Voluntines, an event of showing your love for another blogger out there by guest posting.
Sadly I was a bit busier than expected and the inspiration just wasn’t striking me lately so I had to just pick one, and that of course was Mr Murf.

So here’s my post on just how I became enthralled in the medium and the social hooks and connections that fostered this love.

Originally posted on Murf Versus:

Eri is my unofficial MMO blogging sister. She runs Healing the Masses, where she rants, raves, and links about all things MMO. It was a no brainer that she and I would try to exchange posts, but I was blown away by her heartfelt story of first falling in love with MMOs through Rift. Today, in a special Voluntines guest post, she explains why she believes games aren’t so great at connecting us all together.

I still find it hard to believe that in a mere 3 years my life and gaming habits have changed so much. I never expected so much could change in so little time; running a blog, getting a lot more hardcore with my gaming and meeting so many wonderful people. It’s even harder to believe that all of this technically happened because of a silly little MMO that released in 2011 called Rift…

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