Link Dead Radio: Catch-Up Collection

The Links

  • Gamasutra has an article discussing irrational games journalism. How the relationship between developers and the media can shape the way in which information is distributed and opinions formed
  • A perfect an absolutely hilarious Satirical piece focusing on the news of an all female LoL tournament at Esport Express
  • And absolutely Huge essay on the decline of MMO’s going into detail on a few defining factors as well as solutions for the future
  • Mr Murf has a post going through the interesting definitions of Complex and Complicated and how they can dramatically change the focus of mmo’s
  • Reports from the field argues for the importance of Low Energy Gaming and how it can be a great combination with other more active forms of content but also desensitize players to anything else.
  • In An age dissects the amount of randomness within Hearthstone, which can really relate to a lot of other games with how it can encourage more interesting experiences, how it can be an equalising factor and what can be done if their aim is for a more competitive CCG.
  • The Plus ten damage podcast has a great interview with a developer of the indie project The Long Dark, and interesting wilderness survival game, regarding creating a survival games, mechanics to bring life to the experience and how they wish for it to impact the player
  • Developers of quite a lot of indie games have taken to using the hashtag #Screenshotsaturday to display screencaps of what they are currently working on. There is a website tracking the pictures and some of these just look amazing.
  • I also Backed a Kickstarter project called Arcadia quest over the week. Been craving for a new dungeon crawler board game and this one looks to have some interesting ideas as well as fun gameplay. Plus the company looks to have a bit of experience creating board games too.

The Vids

Gods Will be Watching for more pixelated murder and mayhem

Renegade X for old school Command and Conquer multiplayer action in a new shiny engine

Divinity: Original Sin

The Old City

One of the weirdest trailers ever

The beginning of an Extra credits series looking at quest design

An interesting look at the Making of the Last of us

I really need to play strike suit zero

5 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Catch-Up Collection

  1. Richard Bartle may have too much time on his hands…

    Where’s that paper from? It looks like the text of a presentation at a conference. It’s a good read – some really interesting stuff in there although he makes some extremely blinkered assumptions and opens a few logic holes you could drive a two-seater Mammoth through.

    In essence, though, I don’t buy his premise that MMOs are in decline and he doesn’t seem interested in providing any supporting evidence. Are revenues down? Are there fewer MMOs? Fewer players? Fewer companies making them, designers working on them, investors backing them? And if we’re charting a decline, over what period has it taken place?

    I think it says a lot more about what Dr. Bartle thinks of as an MMO than what MMOs might actually be, or be becoming. Future’s a lot brighter for the genre than he seems to think, in my opinion as a player and afficionado. I do wish there was a Cahiers du Cinema for MMOs though…

    • @bhagpuss
      What are his logic holes? I thought its very insightful paper and I agree with lot of what he is saying.

    • I have no idea where I ripped it off now or what it was for sorry, I believe it’s just another pseudo-scientific journal piece like most of his articles.

      Overall I thought it was a decent list of issues facing the mmo industry. The points themselves were pretty much spot on even if his opinions clouded the description of them. The interpretation of these issues and there importance I think we differ between the individual though, we have diverse interests. I wasn’t so sure about the conclusions either, what’s good for some mmo’s will not be good for others and I’d like to think there is room for the behemoths as well as the smaller community driven projects.

      About the premise themselves then yes, I do tend to believe that but not really based on any sort of analytics. It’s more about the churn of payers within the industry continualy jumping between new products and about the abandonment of creating a virtual world

  2. I was always tickled by my giant ass charr warrior being named Immanuel Cat, but nobody else ever seemed to get the reference.

    I also had my alts Rene DeCates and L Kittengenstein for about 20 minutes until I learned that charr armor looked fucking awful and decided all my alts should be norns and asuras.

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