Progress Report: Building in Banished and Getting Beaten in Hearthstone

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction… and it seems this extends to gaming time as well. Last week was just a gaming nirvana interspersed with periods of adult responsibilities. It was a wonderful time of forgetting and forceful ignoring the usual things that I was supposed to do but just didn’t feel like. This week was the make up week: house cleaning, lots of washing linen and such; cleaning up the yard, the car, study and a million other small bitsies that quickly pile up without a responsible adult around.

Of course there has been Hearthstone, a near daily duty to complete and compete. Dailies have been completed regularly enough to get more gold and entry into dailies. I’m starting to think though that I should be rerolling some to the 60 gold dailies but then, those ones seem to take far too long when you only want to log in now and then for an hour or so. Even though I’m enjoying it and the regularity of play I’m not that invested into it to care about lost gold. I’ve been thinking about salvaging special cards from the decks I don’t use much in order to get a the couple I like more focused but then, I like having the others around in case I eventually do what a different deck.

I have been having an absolutely terrible run at Arenas though so much of this has been in vain, should probably just be buying the card packs as it would end up cheaper but I kind of like the deck building aspects of arena even if I’m not very good at it. The best this week was a run of 5 with a mage deck. The have a lot of easy control abilities with enough reach to keep the board clear of any major threats. It can blow out if you’re using them too much but, if you can pick up enough spells its attainable.

I think I would have had a good run with a hunter deck, it was a solid deck, if a little poor on certain aspects but I just got absolutely screwed with the card draws. In two of my loses I didn’t pull a single hound or snake secret that are great board clearers and have excellent synergy with other cheap hunter cards. Easy boosts, free cards… Hell, in one match, a drew mostly 4+ mana cost cards and in the redraw as well. It’s that sort of shit stuff that really screws you… the luck gods just weren’t with me. It sucks getting this happen to you but I’d like to think it happens to other people as well.. at least you still get cards and stuff out of arena although nothing that interesting this week.

A decent amount of Banished as it fits in well  as you can just let it run pretty well by itself at lower speed level in between doing other things. The first town succumbed at the start of last week, I hadn’t been controlling the birth rate enough with making houses for the newly webs (I had no idea) so by a decade everyone started dying and there where no new bodies to work. The town didn’t die and I seemed to have righted it just in time but the growth rate was just too slow to worry about.

The second town is still going strong. Having learnt the essentials from the first makes it a lot easier now. Food production seems pretty good, birthrate and ration of workers to children good and I’m trading a lot now. I have a lot of animals and nearly all the seeds which I’m guessing there is some sort of achievement for. About to break the three hundred mark for population too.

Application-steam-x64 2014-03-02 17-48-05-169

This is the main part of the town at the moment. The secondary part is just up north containing another trade dock, a dozen houses and most of the orchards. Then, dotted around this are the gathering, hunting and forestry outposts. It’s remarkable sustainable as is right now: a wealth of food, tools, coats, and other resources stored around the map and I think a spare 50 labourers. I get the feeling if I push it though the tenuous balance is just going to crumble around me.

I think after this town I’m pretty much down with Banished though. There is really only so far you can go in the game and, barring natural disaster of a magnitude only @CTMurfy is familiar with your town will grow and fail in much the same way. I like the pureness of the building here, it’s the games main charm but there just needs to be something else. Another way of progressing your town into the future, a way to make your town something more than a ramshackle collection of odd houses and such. Upgrades to buildings that improve rather than delete, housing upgrades to create a colonial town.. just basic improvements to production, facilities and the look of a town. I don’t need the restriction of tech trees and such just something more to work towards than more people to starve and freeze.

And of course there was Elder Scrolls Online over the weekend. I ended up playing the entire Saturday, rolling a new character on Daggerfall to test the last tutorial areas I hadn’t seen yet. It went well, and the more I play the game the more I seem to get into that groove of play, understanding the core principles of the game and going with that particular flow. It’s a very familiar flow, a little too familiar at times as I was expecting something more, something better but it’s still enjoyable.

On the second day of Beta it seems the stress part of the beta event had taken hold and there was a lot of lag and disconnects to deal with. I didn’t really feel like dealing with that much so I just ended up doing a lot of the other things. Eventually I got back in for a couple more hours but didn’t really accomplish much. Just wondered around the zone, searching all the various areas and hidden elements and, actually really enjoyed it.

I’ve a lot more to say on the Elder Scrolls but I think I’ll leave that till later

For the Week to come I’ll probably see how much further I can push the town in banished. More Hearthstone of course, can’t forget that. For the MMO’s I might just jump back into Star Trek Online, see how much further I can take my captain and Ship, possibly more path of Exile. I’ll see where the mood shall take me.

Take care everyone and may the card picks be good and the RNG gaming gods not completely screw you over


5 thoughts on “Progress Report: Building in Banished and Getting Beaten in Hearthstone

  1. This game is amazingly immersive for me. First session in the game and I was playing for 4 straight hours. Love this game, looking forward to more updates though because like you said it needs just a small bit more of *something*. Sim City has spoiled me, but I think I’m in love with Banished.
    I think you should try the game on hard mode with a massive map and see if you cant collect every seed in the game 🙂

  2. If you are interested in the Arena, I would recomend to have a look at AntiGravity’s tier list. I find it very helpful. It should in general teach you the difference between a good card and a bad card. I find a Hunter in the Arena very hard class to play because most of their combos rely on beasts. And this synergy is not something you can count on in the Arena.
    I had decks I thought were beyond comparison and I lost terribly, and then I had decks that were close to abysmal (Paladin deck without consecration and with only one removal) and went to 10/3.

    • I’ve read a few of those, problem is I’m not invested enough to really bother memorising them. I’m picking up bits and pieces, certain better cards but the complete overview eludes me.
      I could probably consult this when deck building but, even though I might lose I kind of like trying to create them more myself. Influenced by guides of course but not completely beholden to them. It’s more fun that way

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