Link Dead Radio: Blogging Battles and Raving Reviews

The Links

ATTENTION ALL if you’re wanting to catch up for some gaming fun go over and enlist in the NBI steam group. Be great to see you there and maybe play a game together some time.

  • I’ve been playing a fair bit of the Building game Banished over the last couple weeks but never really gave a full review of it. Go over to Murf Vs Net for a rundown on the mechanics, the appeal and the hopes for further development
  • The End of the Living story experiment, or at least the first season of it has finally come and, as per usually it’s a mix of absolute amazement and bitter disappointment. Inventory Full has a long post going into a lot of the excellent parts as well as issues and even references a few other opinions. Reading it he reminds me of that childlike wonder of waking up on Christmas morning to open your first present and get socks… one being too small the other having a couple holes.
  • The Great war of words continues around Elder Scrolls online this week, as I’m sure it will for a long while yet. Aggronaut, the righteous defender and Scree, the villainous Cynic enter the ring. ROUND 2… FIGHT
  • The ancient Gaming Noob held a screenshot contest for EvE Planets and got some amazing submissions
  • Herding Cats follows up on a post with her thoughts on blogging for cash and the value of the content we produce. There are a lot of interesting comments too. Oh and if anyone wants to send me a new PC.. yeh… that would be great.
  • Out of Beta reviews the new Diablo 3 update that changes a lot of systems… makes me want to go back although that means dealing with customer service people to get an authenticator removed.
  • Avatar of Steel wonders if there will be a certain blurring of mmo’s in the industry as mobile mmo’s become more complex and the pc ones become more simplified and instanced.

And Now for some ESO stuff

  • Teso Elite had a great QnA about crafting in ESO and there is some really interesting answers.. makes me excited again to actually craft in an mmo. There is a great collated list of the answers too.

The VIds

Apart from watching a lot of ESO vids the other was something Political but well worth watching even if you don’t understand Australian Politics at all

6 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Blogging Battles and Raving Reviews

  1. Thanks for the plug! Er, except you forgot to add the hyperlink 😛
    I just posted some more on the same topic and I’ll probably do a third on the actual plot at some point. Overall, now it’s had time to settle, my feelings are more positive than negative but yes, the initial reaction was definitely closer to “Is that it?” rather than “Wow! Amazing!”

    • Fixed!

      That’s good to hear and seems the usual cycle. Once the fixes have been done the feedback is generally positive

    • I really should jump back in but then, I don’t think I’d buy the expansion.
      I’ve experience experienced the similar stuff on the ps3 though and ended up playing a lot more because of it

  2. I’m having a great time in Diablo, but like you I probably won’t buy the expansion. At least not yet anyhow.

    That speech by Ludlam is awesome! Did you see Abbott’s response? One of his comments was, “I might have to have an extra half glass of good Margaret River wine tonight to console myself.’’ I can’t explain it, but it just rubbed me up the wrong way. It was all rich white man up in his mansion chuckling about the ‘little people’.

    Erm, anyhow. Awesome round up 🙂

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