Progress Report: Week off and Free stuffz

Late post is late as I was actually studying last night and wanted to keep going with it in order to get it finished… *cue shocked gasps* I know right, totally not me. It’s gotten to the point where I really need to get it done far more than I have been and in the decision between cutting out more writing or playing games I know which is going to go in order to make more time. This week I might just be a bit quieter here as well, more study stuff needed.

oh yeh, I purchased the recent humble bundle even though I own most of them already because there were just so many amazing games in there that everyone should really have a go at.. I didn’t get enough for everyone, of course, but there is one of each up for grabs.. first in first served

  • Dust: An Elysian Tale – sidescrolling action rpg
  • Swapper – puzzle platformer
  • Fez – beautiful Puzzler
  • Guacamelee – Witty action
  • Monaco – cooperative loot whoring
  • Antichamber – a difficult portal
  • Starseed Pilgrim – indie platformer
  • Beat Buddy – puzzle platformer

Now for da Gaming

I seem to be slowly getting better at Hearthstone now. All that information must have improved on me a little over so my decks seem just that little bit more cohesive. I seem to be breaking the 3 win mark more often now and those wins are mostly just a breeze. Played the paladin deck the most, apparently that’s the best but I just wasn’t getting into the flow of it. I kind of like rogue though as they have some decent cards to clear the board.

The RNG on opening card packs has been absolutely pathetic though, no legendaries or even purples and mostly the same cards for the same decks. Stupid booster packs, now I know why I never got into card collecting except for my awesome Federation and Borg Star Trek ccg decks.

I actually played a lot of Hawken  over the week and am having a lot of fun with it. I’ve settled on the light Mech now and even though they don’t seem to get as many kills and points the added manoeuvrability makes them a lot more fun to play. It’s fun to be a pain to the other team, damaging them from where the don’t expect, annoying them and then speeding away while doing my best Zoidberg impression.

Plague Inc took up the near entirety of my Sick Day. Such a weird thing to do really, play a game about killing the world with disease when you coughing up gooey stuff. It’s just a delightful time filler type gamer that can also take hours away from your life, It has simplistic gameplay, that only slightly changes each time and based on the various plagues but each time I’m thoroughly transfixed, watching the spread of my next plague that will wipe out civilization.


I ended up amusing myself by naming the plagues with a certain reference to gaming: there was a bacteria called Fall Damage, A nano-virus called lag, and the most recent being a biological weapon called accessibility. It’s only recently been ported to pc from mobile devices and I know many have already talked about it but wow is it addictive.

Patched up Firefall but it took absolutely freekin forever so I never ended up playing

A big Starbound Patch happened but the game doesn’t seem to be running very well for me, worse than before. Not sure if that is part of the patch but it’s definitely my computer as well…. le sigh, tax time can’t come soon enough.

This week well…. a bit of study over the week with a a gaming cloud forming to provide a light drizzle of random fun, turning into a large deluge of ESO over the weekend.

Have fun and may you cackle maniacally while bringing death on the infidels