Link Dead Radio: Ranting, Reasoning and Roguelikes

The Links

  • Huge indie bundle to support a developers cancer treatment. Lots of good indie games and plenty I’ve never heard on for pc and mobile device. Most seem to come with a soundtrack as well for you music lovers
  • Wildstar blog round up at MMO Gypsy that I’ll link to even though she didn’t list my loathing anywhere on there
  • Why I game looks at the Einstellung effect in mmos, or in other words, how people stick with what is know in the face of better solutions or conflicting information
  • We game united has a talk with the developers of Shadowrun returns about the kickstarter process, the state of the game, the new release coming as well as their new miniature game
  • Some website I’ve never heard of before is having a Science Fiction vs Fantasy battle where a variety of shows on each side will face of against each other in a community voted league match to crown a ruler. You all secretly love a little bit of fan rage and clash of opinions so stay tuned
  • Oh, and check out this too… because CATS

The Vids

A new project called War is mine. An interesting concept of playing a non combat survival role within a warzone. Looks to present a very powerful message


A new game called Hush that is attempting to explore the fears of children within a beautiful word with hack and slash mechanics is seeking funding on Indiegogo

A new space faring adventure title called Out There that looks like it is very much influenced by the crazy FTL, but without the combat and more of a focus on exploration.

Dark Souls 2, might just be the the game to break my long running ps3 purchasing drought

This is really starting to sound like an intriguing take on the alien franchise

Hyper light drifter, might just have to borrow a friends vita for this one

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  1. Oh hey, what did I miss? I was looking for your WS beta review after NDA lift but couldn’t find it – or did you mean the ESO vs Wildstar one? let me know, am happy to add more links to my list 🙂

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