Progress Report: I Heart Hearthstone, Haken and Huge Helpings of ESO

Personal Bitsies

Another average week or work, gaming and all that other stuff in between. The hubby is starting to feel a bit better now, or complaining less after I yelled at him about it. He Wasn’t wearing his sling and was doing too much, then complaining about it being sore so I said, well, if you want to do that then don’t complain to me. No more sympathy. Of course he didn’t talk to me for a few hours after, but since then he has been better with taking care of himself as well as complaining so much. WIN WIN!!

However, I maybe forgot to pick him up at the doctors on my way home yesterday. I was tired, forgot and got home to start cooking dinner thinking he was having a nap. Cue the phone call 30 minutes later to remind me… felt so bad. Been treading a little more lightly because of that and picking up the sympathy again for a bit.

I didn’t end up finishing that assignment like I wanted to during the week, It’s not due yet but it still needs to be done. Need to hire some sort of trained monkey to slap me occasionally and point to my study books. Progress is good though and I’m down to one part left which needs about 1000 words about some sort of planned activity I’ve done with the kids. I can knock off that much here talking about games no problem but when it comes to this my mind turns to jelly.

I’m also a bit sad now as my car is making some terrible grinding noises. We think it’s the starter motor. I tend to turn it a bit hard and too much when turning it on, as well as forgetting it is on sometimes and turning it again. This means catching the bus again and walking to and from the bus stop in a time that just so happens to be extremely hot again with predicted storms. This might mean that I’ll be writing a little more for the blog again, gotta have something to do but I will also have to dip into that little nest egg I’d started saving again for the computer.

GAME TIME!!.. It’s been a regular kind of gaming week a little most nights during the week as well as a weekend filled with play.

Mostly during the week I’ve been playing a lot of Hearthstone. There is something truly addictive about it. The simplicity is there to make it a good game to fill time when you either don’t want anything hardcore but also something to play while you’re doing other things like writing or reading in between turns. This week I even fit in the entire House of Cards season 2, an absolutely great series and wow does it have some shocking moments. There is just so much nuance to the acting and script, hidden cues or important dialogue you might  have missed that makes me want to watch it again.

so where were we.. OH yeh, Hearthstone. Even with this simplicity there are still some elements that really get you hooked. I am loving building my stable of decks at the moment. I’ve been mostly making a Shaman control type deck, a few spells supported by minions with a focus on the overload mechanic. It’s a remarkably solid deck with a few options for dealing with the enemy minions. It’s got decent sustain with the totems as well.

Playing with the first version of this I ended up making it up to rank 14, then slowly tapered down to rank 16. I then made a few tweaks, adding in a couple more cards I liked and taking out others

Picture will go here when it loads again

The other decks I’ve had a bit more fun with are Mage, because they are so fricken annoying and Druid. My two main enemies during those rank matches. I tried some other decks, Paladin and rogue are ok but I just don’t have the rarer cards yet that would make the deck something more. I also tried Hunter a bit for doing a daily and lets just say that went very badly, the daily is still there too.

The other thing keeping me there seems to be the thrill of Arena matches. I really like the deck building aspect to it, making a complete deck on the fly with what your given and I seem to be getting better at it. The match from last night is still there as I quit while being 3 wins and no losses. Being able to make a deck but also create a winning strategy based on it is extremely interesting and how the builds you’re fighting against seem to be far more random makes it more challenging but also enjoyable. I do my dailies just so as to play more arena, you do seem to get rewarded a bit better for three wins which is good too but, if you’re after cards you’re probably better off getting the card packs.

More Hawken mech mayhem. I really the movement style of Hawken; It’s very twitch based in being able to turn, jump, and boost while avoiding combat and still hitting your opponent. I’m still not that great at this, it takes a little getting used to and a lot of practice to get all the components right. All the while your timing your special items. You have a certain amount of resource management and timing too; being aware of your cooldown, items and fuel in order to overcome a situation. It makes combat extremely hectic and I end up completely red by the end but it’s a lot of fun.

There where lots of team fights although the most enjoyable time seemed to be when most of the groups left after a match and we were left two per side. We ended up fighting like this for a while which was excellent practice as a suck at duelling… more of a team player. Our duo lost many times during this, winning a couple all the while laughing and chatting together about the game and popular culture. it was a lot of fun just chilling out with people this way.

ESO took up most of my Saturday in the end although I ended up just aimlessly roaming around again but, in a good way. Did a sever missions again, a few of which were still bugged. Jumped into the Ava for a quick bit to test out my sorc builds. I don’t know why but I really enjoy the more unstructured aspect to levelling in ESO. It’s weird but it seems to shift my mindset away from that race to end game, consuming as many quests as quickly as I can to a much slower pace. I’m exploring the countryside; killing and helping where I can, gathering and crafting and just exploring each and every part… Oh, and reading quest text EEEE GASP!

This time I ended up doing a few dungeons and they were a lot of fun. It seems the players have mostly figured out the mechanics of the fights and planned accordingly making removing the air of mystery that could come from learning them yourself but at this stage they aren’t overly complex. They have that chaotic vibe in combat, much like gw2 but it’s a lot more structured with having the defined roles, It’s a manageable chaos and that is far more enjoyable. I ended up healing the dungeons for all 3 times solely by using the restoration staff. Those 2 first skills seem to be just enough at this stage although I can see you requiring a little more. During these dungeon runs it was funny playing with some of the people whom it’s obviously their first mmo. Grasping the dodge out of red stuff seems to be a work in progress, as does focusing on a soul target together and sticking with the group. In time they shall learn too.

The other game was a little more Plague Inc. Still destroying the world and going through the different plagues to unlock even more.

Now for the week to come probably more of the same, still not done with these games yet although, 2 more weeks until more of ESO. I’m starting to feel like a little mmo action but can’t decide which, Firefall has had that new update although, it just seems like another small scale event. Maybe back into Star Trek Online… Or Rift. No idea.

Have fun all.. and screw you all for not taking any of last weeks free stuff. May the gaming gods forever curse you with full price games.


11 thoughts on “Progress Report: I Heart Hearthstone, Haken and Huge Helpings of ESO

  1. I’m shocked you’re able to find time for games AND TV! House of Cards has been on the backburner for so long since I am too busy LoLing/Hearthstoning!


    • It’s pretty easy when playing Hearthstone as it isn’t too demanding on your attention. I actually chuck it in windowed mode them stick the media player on top.

  2. Actually, if you want cards, it is more efficient to play Arena, than to buy packs of cards. You should in average be capable enough to get four wins which should already bring you some profit. Card pack costs 100 gold, arena 150. With four wins you get in average around 70 gold and a pack of cards. It can be a longer road, but it is one most cost efficient. Here are some stats:
    I find myself playing mostly arena these days just because I never seem to run out of gold. My first intention was to get enough dust to create the second Blood Knight. Now, I am neglecting ranked, and only play anything beside arena if the daily quest demands it.

    • Oh, if your better at playing and up on the strata for deck building and play its definitely the better option. If however your just starting out or maybe aren’t regularly making 3+wins then buying the packs is definitely better.

      I’m still very much into arena play. It’s the main reason I play, far more so than getting cards.

  3. I still have House of Cards in my queue. I have been watching every episode of Star Trek TNG, because I told myself I would do it some day. NO DISTRACTIONS lol.

    Hawken is really fun, I’ve enjoyed the co-op survival more than the pvp though, people who have spent money on the game have a big advantage. Despite being f2p, this one feels a lot more grindy than say Hearthstone or League of Legends. In those games a few wins nets some real progress, whereas in Hawken I’ve played probably ten games and haven’t leveled anything. Still fun though.

    In Hearthstone my favorite decks are the Hunter, Shaman and Rogue right now. The meta of the game changes so frequently that I find myself making tweaks to decks and finding one deck or another stronger than the others. The Hunter is the only deck I have pretty much perfected, I win almost every game. A couple of weeks ago I absolutely detested the Warrior, and now I’m starting to ‘get it’.

    By the way, added you again on bnet and also joined that steam blogger group, so we should be able to get a game in soon. Just have to figure out your time difference and gaming time.

    • Wow, that is lot of episodes too. I crisply think I’ve watched them all at one time. Mum used to rent a few every week from the local video store that had the whole collection. Generally a great dhow with dome stellar as well as stupid episodes. I’ve actually been watching a bit more of deep space nine lately. Never really got much into it when younger but now it’s really taking hold.

      The only mode I usually tend to play is team death match, will have to try that other mode too. Back in beta the resource gain was pretty reasonable, I even ended up being able to afford my own mech reasonably quickly. Now it seems to have slowed down far too much, to the point where it does hurt gameplay since your not just buying mechanics but fitting them out. It severely hampers progression but you also have to decide to either save for mechs or upgrade one. That has to be my main problem with the game right now. I still enjoy it but I would be enjoying it a lot more if playing felt more rewarding.

      Different time zones does make it hard so the steam group should help with coordination. What time zone are you, +10 GMT here

      • Yeah I have all of the episodes for every Star Trek show in my queue. It’s going to take forever to watch them all.. but I did watch all of them when they were being aired except for Enterprise, that one I missed altogether.

        The co-op survival is fun because you just have to outsmart/outlast the AI, but they are pretty challenging especially because everyone likes to go commando, and when they go down, it’s up to you to get them back up or kill all the bots in that round. I was getting most of my points from revives and collecting the green stuff (gives you upgrades in between rounds). Later a boss pops up who ended up wiping us, and that’s the farthest I’ve been.

        I’m GMT -7? That’s what it says on the GMT website… I forget and never use GMT… I usually just call it PST or Pacific. According to that it’s 2 pm wednesday for you but 9 pm tuesday for me. TIME WARP!!

      • Ok wait, I’m actually GMT -8, but it’s Daylight savings so it’s coming up as GMT -7. That shit is confusing. Let’s just say it’s like 17 hours apart?

    • I feel sorry for anyone mad enough to watch every bloody episode of any Star Trek series in a row. Each series has its own potholes I’d rather avoid, some series and seasons more than others admittedly.

      But I’d still rather walk barefoot over a half mile of exposed legos than watch the likes of The Savage Curtain, Shades of Grey, The Outrageous Okona, Let He Who Is Without Sin, or the infamous Threshold ever again.

      Are you going to subject yourself to all the movies as well? For that really authentic sensation of misery?

      • There seems to be more episodes that are good than bad. I originally saw all or most of the episodes when I was a kid, now as an adult there are many nuances that I get now that I would have missed then. Compared to the garbage reality TV that plagues us today, I’d rather watch Star Trek any day.

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