Worried about Warplots

The more I learn about Wildstar the more the last remnants of my interest seem to fade away. It seems the NDA dropped for the entirety of the game last week and we heard more about the various other types of content for people to play throughout levelling and at end game. Adventure zones for instance sound like an interesting and dynamic take on dungeons allowing player choice and a variety of differences because of them and going by the PvP video it seems like they might do well with PvP as well.

Everyone MMO has issues and I’m not to sure just yet on the spaztastic telegraphs and spell effects but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued. The part I was most excited to hear about was the Warplots, the structured pvp battleground where guilds assault each other’s fortresses. That concept just sounded amazing. Customisation around how you build your base and strategy around attacking your enemy. A large place that would act as a long-term goal and progression point for guilds. A place where we could challenge guilds that would serve as a point of prestige. Now, based on some of the previews I’m not so sure.

Forty people is just far too many for any sort of structured PvP. That is the domain of open world fighting where you have both the space to roam, kill and avoid and with a lot more choice involved. It makes sense in a way to have so many players in this instance as for open world fighting skill isn’t that important, mayhem is.

To me having this many people defeats the purpose of the guild challenge foundation. Most guilds wouldn’t have that amount of people or at least, that many available and active pvp players to draw from. The have a mechanic to enlist mercenaries, random pugs to fill the numbers but then once this happens it’s no longer a test between specific guilds in a structured manner. I doubt any competitive PvP guild would want pugs to make up their numbers; the would neither be able to coordinate effectively, communicate at the same level, know the right strategies or be as skilled. It no longer becomes a match of skill between two guilds but whether or not one side won the pug lottery.

Forty people is also what I would call a zerg and I’m sorry but I don’t find zerging around that enjoyable over the long-term. It’s fun every once in a while but not when it’s the only style of play. It waters down the level of skill required, for a smaller number the effectiveness of every single members skill level, gear and level of knowledge matters. For a zerg, the group becomes as effective as its weakest members and when your randomly enlisting people, that is going to be hard to control.

Having a smaller group has so much more tension to play. Each and every action is that much more meaningful. There is a level of reliance between other members of the group and a certain connection because of it. For a zerg your just another brick in the wall, and I don’t like that being the focus. It makes combat that much more meaningless and inconsequential and well, I did that for a year in GW2 and I don’t feel like it being the focus any more.

The energy and customisation mechanics still sound interesting. You actively build and maintain as you go with a basic base generator, as well as power packs fuelled by certain parts on the map. Using these elements  and getting a balance of offence and defence is obviously important. I like that some of these can also be upgraded as the match goes, creating a sense of progression within each match keeps people entertained as well as changing the playing field for each match. It’s the regular dynamic action of arenas and such but a lot more.

The part that has me concerned is the restriction on building. A set of tiered plugs for certain aspects, designed for specific items of that tier but this will diminish a certain amount of customisation. I would have liked this to have a more open-ended approach. Make it so you have a certain plug resource overall and each component takes away from this and you would have a lot more customisation as well as a greater variety of strategy involved in base creation and maintenance.

The bases also look rather prefabricated, much like the housing but probably have far fewer options considering the design and gameplay type. It would have been nice to actually make your base, to be part of the design in regards to where walls and buildings go and where to position the plugs but I believe this is mostly unchangeable.

It is something I am still interested in, the scope of the mechanics is impressive but then I worry about that even more. They are already being so ambitious with every other aspect of the game and I have to wonder if they have the time or resources to be able to develop it all ready for release as well as maintain it in regards to bug fixing and content updates. This part alone is what makes this whole project a wait and see for me. Any developer can claim to have a billion things to do on release, its whether they can provide after that matters.

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2 thoughts on “Worried about Warplots

  1. It’s interesting that Titanfall gets flak for being too small in numbers and WildStar flak for too many 🙂

    I mean, I agree with the statements based on previous game experience. Logistics of PvP require a minimum and simply break down in a 3 tier system after 25-30 people. 3 tier meaning commander, leaders and peons. And the system being predicated on moving in/out of telegraphs has me wondering what happens when there are 50+ on the ground any any one time. It’s hard enough in Neverwinter, the closest comparison I have to it from my experience in Wildstar.

    My gut says that the beta, due to the level cap, will stress test certain core mechanics before launch. I don’t forsee the concept of 40-person content being something that will last very long. There is simply too much competition on the market for more accessible content at a lower or equal price point. By the time September runs around, I’d be curious as to how many people are actually using these big beasts in favor of more agile and smaller options.

  2. Forty shalt be the number of counting, no less and no more! Ten shalt thou not count, neither count thou thirty, excepting that thou then proceed to forty. Forty two is right out.

    I wonder what the Wildstar designers are smoking to design content for the exact numbers of 20 and 40.

    Given how guilds tend to whittle down through attrition over time, plus folks having real lives and thus not being able to log in all the time, it really makes me wonder how many guilds can support such a stable and constant number – without excess drama from say, the poor soul being the 23rd or the 42th that gets benched. Guess we’ll see.

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