GW2: Featuring the Failures

Now I barely follow Guild wars 2 news anymore, once I stop playing that’s pretty much the end. I’ve unsubscribed from the reddit, never visit the forums and glance over most articles on it. I read a little on the end of living story season one and it seems like they might finally have wrapped up the story well. I’m not sure they needed a year of fetch quests to do it but it certainly looked impressive.

The other recent news piece that piqued my interest was this so-called “feature’ pack and all I can think was what.. utter bullshit. Seriously, a feature pack. They certainly are the masters of artfully manipulating language to form a good impression of even basic mmo principles that have been tried and used many times before. When I look at the list of changes coming that have been outlined by the recent blog posts what I see is just regular mmo updates.

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ESO Build: The Dragon Hearth

As most insane dedicated mmo players, over the week(s) I’ve been working on a skill build to use come release. I really enjoy having a certain amount of direction in how I’m going to allocate points going in and with the extended customisation of ESO it seems like the best idea. OOOO.. and I actually made a name for it this time.

The Dragon Hearth

The reason I call it this is because it’s about spreading fire of course but also damaging enemies and supporting allies. It’s the hearth of a group, warming those around and punishing those trapped within.

Skill bar one with Sword and board is for that initial charge and setting up further damage. Igneous weapons gives allies fire damage of their own on basic weapon attacks, this teams with engulfing flames in order to spread fire damage and dots on the enemy and extra damage from fire attacks. More damage from allies.

Standard of Might seemed like the best choice for this instance, further buffing and supporting allies in that initial charge but might not be available immediately.

Green Dragon Blood at this stage to heal up initial damage and also return stamina that might have been used in the charge. The stamina regen seemed the best here as I’m using the sword and board at this stage to soak damage, and block what I can of those initial, and often times more deadly skill spams.

Extended Chains for bringing people into this kill zone

Sea of flames will keep up continuous fire damage the cost is high but it returns mana on kills and also chains into the second weapon, Destruction Staff. Add Elemental Drain on a couple of targets and, hopefully, sea of flames will give 200 mana on each target hit. If you have the ultimate at this time, Magma Shell could be used instead of Sea of flames if you want to conserve mana as it does aoe fire damage over a time as well. It also gives a rather large damage shield to those activating the synergy.

Continue to refresh Engulfing Flames 

Choking Talons at this stage is useful for keeping people in the kill zone. big snare and reducing damage. All ardent Flame abilities like Engulfing flames and Sea of Flames will also put on a 30% snare from the Warmth Passive. They’re never getting out alive at this stage.

There are also two aoe Skills. Pulsar to reduce enemy health by 13%, quite big in my mind that also might add burning. And Deep breath, for an aoe that unbalances or stuns those interrupted .

It’s definitely not a solo build. It is best used in a group to support as well as provide further pressure against other groups. It’s also quite reliant on mana skills andI haven’t tested the Elemental drain and sea of flames combo, but, going by the descriptions it should work. The ability to snare all those within, with a range of different abilities will also help damage dealers deal with threats easier.

As far as armor I’m not so sure. Five pieces of heavy and two light would probably be best, your in the thick of the fighting. More armor would be better. The spell costs are high, so I might add a piece or two of light if needed, and if survival has been fine.

What do you think?

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Elder Scrolls Launch Tips

The launch of Elder Scrolls Online is nearly upon us and there really is nothing like getting wrapped up in that pre launch hype. New mmo smell, it’s the best. It seems like I’ve been waiting for this for some time now, a new big AAA mmo to get involved with, to be immersed in and to have fun discovering all the little details. It’s an exciting time to be involved with that initial community engagement around a game while much of it is still an unknown. Before many secrets and spoilers… to bodly go where maybe a few have before, if you’re fast enough.

For an early access you often want to get the most out of it but there are often a lot of new things to learn, mechanically and regarding changes to gameplay and this can be a little disorientating at first.  A member of TKG, Mollify created a wonderful list of tips to help though and I thought it would be great to share

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