Elder Scrolls Launch Tips

The launch of Elder Scrolls Online is nearly upon us and there really is nothing like getting wrapped up in that pre launch hype. New mmo smell, it’s the best. It seems like I’ve been waiting for this for some time now, a new big AAA mmo to get involved with, to be immersed in and to have fun discovering all the little details. It’s an exciting time to be involved with that initial community engagement around a game while much of it is still an unknown. Before many secrets and spoilers… to bodly go where maybe a few have before, if you’re fast enough.

For an early access you often want to get the most out of it but there are often a lot of new things to learn, mechanically and regarding changes to gameplay and this can be a little disorientating at first.  A member of TKG, Mollify created a wonderful list of tips to help though and I thought it would be great to share


  • Do the starter island for the skill points, items and skyshards. They don’t take long and are pretty enjoyable
  • You can slot skills from different weapon lines and level them up: you don’t have to use the skill nor do you have to have that weapon equipped. As long as it’s on your bar it will level. Useful for levelling a second set/preparing for your weapon swap at level 15.
  • Slot all three armor types when starting out and put the worst armor in your belt/gloves (lowest armor value). This will help you level all three types as you go, making it easier to swap/change builds later.
  • Get your major actives first – so you can fill out your first 5 slots + any morphs.
  • Balance your stat distribution – Magicka, Health, Stamina – when levelling. The current meta of 49 Health only applies at cap.


  • Dodge, Dip, Dive, Duck and Block. Dodging and blocking consume fixed amounts of stamina. Keep that mind when building out your bars, but don’t overestimate your stamina usage either.
  • Blocking without enough stamina will put you off-balance (when hit). This means you can be hit by a partial (not even a full wind-up; 1s is enough) heavy attack and be knocked down.
  • Blocking is a 50% damage reduction, before any passives. Can get this up to ~70% with passives and more against projectiles.
  • Blocking an attack also negates any CC it might have, even if you take partial damage from the attack itself. Make your blocks count.
  • You can cast instants while blocking.
  • Nightblades (and potion users) can use invisibility to avoid projectiles/CC completely, if timed correctly. They can also be rooted when invis: the CC visuals will show where they’re standing.
  • You can hold a bow heavy attack from in-steath: the bow is unique in that it will only release when you let go of RMB.
  • Hard CC: stun, disorient, knockdown, off-balance.
  • Soft CC: roots, snares.
  • CC break: RMB, then LMB immediately. You can break out of hard CC like this, and then gain a 5 second immunity to any further CC (both forms, I believe). Note that this costs stamina (about 215 at cap; same as block IIRC)
  • You can dodge out of roots.
  • Interrupt: RMB, then LMB (same as CC break). Will put the caster off-balance, opening them up to a knockdown from a heavy attack (see above).


  • Crafting takes skill points. You use these same skill points for weapons/armor/skills.
  • Level your single (1) most valuable craft skill as you level. The gear is good, and at end-game is typically the ‘best’ when compared to dungeon loot.
  • Consider a second skill *after* you hit cap and have your primary spec(s) sorted out. There’s “plenty” of skill points, but it’s a long tail to get all of them.
  • Enchants use items and provide a buff/effect to the item
  • Tempers increase the base item but have a risk of failure. Failure destroys the item. You can use more mats in your tempers to reduce the chance of failure.
  • You get more crafting XP from breaking down items that are not yours. Swap crafted stuff with a guildie as you go and break each other’s stuff down.
  • Crafting alts for remaining crafts are a good option, but I’ve been told that some higher level crafts require visting challenging zones and may require pre-reqs, which make a high level ‘escort’ unviable (if not outright impossible).
  • Crafting materials guide: http://www.reddit.com/r/elderscrollsonl … ce_guides/


  • Explore the map. You won’t always get a trail of quests, but you will stumble upon NPCs, towns and public dungeons (many of which have quests inside). Maps (from what I’ve seen) fan outward from the major town (lowest -> highest level quests as you move further away).
  • Your map will show the ones you’ve completed thus far.
  • First dungeon at level 12.


  • You can guest in a campaign AFTER you have selected a home campaign. Guest campaigns earn you AP to spend, but you don’t gain rank points/ladder rankings whilst there.
  • Use your AP to buy gear bags from the vendors. The gear is on-level, there’s a random chance at set gear, and you can pick your armor/weapon types so you can get into your preferred types more quickly (and benefit from your passives). It’s good stuff and an hour of decent fights will put you in a fresh set of solid gear below level 15. Worth the detour from PvE levelling if only for that.
  • Do the tutorial and ensure you pick up the Bounty Board quests.
  • Slot the Soul Trap ability from the Soul Magic tree to collect souls: these allow you to res allies. Worthwhile stocking up so we can save people from long runs back.
  • There’s a short cooldown before you can hide again after combat. Pick your fights carefully!
  • Buffing/healing nearby allies who are in-combat will put you in combat and take you out of stealth (aka sneak).
  • Oil hurts like hell. You’ve been warned.
  • You destroy siege by running up to it and hitting ‘use’ to torch it.
  • You can deploy and pick up your own siege. Siege wears down over time/deploys.
  • Don’t read your map on the roads behind enemy lines (or even behind your own). You may not live long.


  • Use Minion as an add-on manager: http://minion.mmoui.com/
  • Foundry Tactical Combat for better/moveable health/magicka/stam frames
  • Multi Quest Tracker as described on the box
  • Possibly some raid frames and a wardrobe mod later on..

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