Link Dead Radio: Better late than Whatever

Public Service Announcement

The NBI for 2014 will be starting again shortly. Of course it really hasn’t been long since last year’s but the original intention was an April Event. Doone, of course is organising the event once more and is asking for more help and support from other helpful bloggers.

Last year’s was a lot of fun with many great events as well as a few, organised by Murf throughout the year.

So send out the call one and all on your own blogs and throughout social media. If you have an advice, or know of any newbie bloggers please get in touch.

The Links

  • Square Enix will be slowly releasing much a lot of English manga versions now through the Yen Press Publisher
  • A three part Death of a franchise series focusing on the failure and inevitable demise of Call of Duty

 The Vids

Stronghold crusader 2

brigador..i neeeeed this

PBS discuss game reviews

Goat Sim

watch dogs… a better GTA?

Muppets a rainbow connection sung by one guy

Creepiest robot ever EVER!!

2 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Better late than Whatever

  1. Re; that rant.

    1) whoever runs that site should look into unified logins. I’d love to post there 🙂

    2) the rant is funny enough. Replace SoE instead of NCSoft and I wrote something similar too. I haven’t given a penny to EA in over 2 years (that went by fast) for near identical reasons. Vote with the wallet after all!

    • I’ve never sworn off a company, i just don’t have that kind of willpower although admire people that do. I don’t think it really changes that much but it’s a good show of principles… something I also admire =p

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