link dead radio: Interesting, Interviews, Ideas and Interests, and #ESO Overload

NO progress report this week only links. I really haven’t played much except for ESO and have more to write about it.

The Links

  • A lot of the gdc 2014 panels are now available to watch online including 1 reason and Manveer Heir’s diversity presentation.
  • There was an great follow on interview with Manveer after his presentation over at Pixel Hearts
  • Indie Statik gives a rundown of Game-Jam and the series of events that led to this colossal failure. Also some blog posts linked from the participants.
  • Inventory Full, The last bastion of hope for gw2 blogging gives a rundown of the updates coming out with the feature pack… and now I haz sad.
  • Cogitationes Astalnaris ventures ‘into the land of Hyperbole when he debates the merits of immersion within the WoW no-fly zone debate…. I kind of like the suggestions.

ESO Blog round-up

  • MMO Fallout gives an overview and thanks about the feedback that has elicited change
  • Levelcapped has been having some discussions regarding difficulty and character build options
  • Werit focuses on certain parts of crafting

The Vids

Age of Wonders 3 creation tools

Black Desert Character Creation – I don’t think anyone will ever beat the Character creation boss

Amazon Game Studios

Transformers Universe

Otherworld procedural generated land

Neverwinter April Fools

Eso Craglorn Update

ESO siege cinematic

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