NBI 2014: Blogger Battles

Let this be a lesson to you all.. giving ideas to Doone about the NBI means you officially volunteer for organising such ideas. To me, connecting game blogggers was more about enjoying games and gaming together. To make occasions where we can break boundaries and interact together, have fun and more importantly, share ideas and connections.

So meet your Executive Entertainment Director for our first ever, annual BLOGGER BATTLE *cue awesome music and fireworks*. Just need a cool info-graphic

Anyway, I have a few ideas for events and such to run over the month of May and maybe even beyond that hopefully everyone will enjoy. To start off with I urge everyone to enrol in the NBI forums and follow the Web Page and twitter to learn about events, articles and give feedback.. Also check out the NBI Steam group, it is a great way to connect and will be a point of info for the events too.

Lofty Ambitions

The aim of these events is for everyone to be engaged more as a community. To talk to each other, learn more about our backgrounds and interests and just discuss the medium and games we love. Yes we do that but in a more informal way, pure conversation can be far more important for building connection and community and that’s what i want to foster here. I also think that a lot of us a more stuck in our own little cliques, not talking much out of them and maybe this can bridge that gap.

Most of those games are more just a social occasion but if we can all get involved and laughing in voice and whatever then I consider it a positive. A lot of us are anti social, me included and often need that first step or reason to branch out and this could be it. For any newbie bloggers that come along hopefully this might also prove to be a quicker method of connecting and getting your name known around the community.

The other aim with these first ever BLOGGER BATTLE is to get that NBI name out there even further. There is something about games that unifies us all, more so than a conversation point at times and maybe this can get people discussing the events throughout social media and on their blogs. Maybe it can even get those outside of our blogging community, or those wanting to get into it.


There are many things that I need some input on though. The time to run some of these events is rather important to take into account different time zones and such. I was thinking probably 7pm PST Saturday.. maybe Friday if that is better but am welcoming other suggestions.

The other part was a way to communicate. There are a lot of voice programs out there and even free alternatives like google hangout and skyp. I actually have an Aussie mumble server that came with my Starbound thingy I’m not using at all so that could be ok. Up to the community really but I feel it would be nice to have a place to talk while these events are going on, or just having one there for other times as well if people want to play together.

I also haven’t figured out the exact games to play for some as of yet. What games everyone owns is important but I’m more looking at free alternatives that most people will enjoy playing in.


Let the Games BEGIN!!

Havoc in Hearthstone

The first event going into May, starting the 28th of April will be a Hearthstone Competition. We will be organising a knock out tournament to determine the master of cards and Ruler of RNG. It’s the new blizzard beast that everyone seems to be playing that a lot, including myself enjoy. Now a few people might be more advanced than others and we don’t want to give an advantage this large so decks will only be based on basic class cards and other common, white crystal cards.

PRIZES… the winner and maybe runner up (to be decided) will receive some steam credit to put towards whatever their gaming heart desires. I would give Hearthstone or blizzard credit but their support is terrible soooo…

More details will be coming and I will be setting up a page on the steam group and NBI forums for enrolments. Please put your names in as soon as possible so that way we can organise the groupings and timing of contests in advance.


Indie Blogger Battle

Running throughout May and Beyond there will be a muti-week league where we vie for the top score in some amazing and extremely addictive web based games. Each week there will be a new game to obsess over, endlessly without sleep where you work up to your best high score. The winners of these rounds will receive points based on their position that will go towards their weekly, and total score. The player/s with the top scores at the end of the league will be crowned the Best Blogger Battler (seriously, someone make a badge for that because my art skills are rather terrible)

A fun side attraction to run throughout the NBI event that will hopefully serve as a nice conversation point. Tweet your high score pictures to me @ausj3w3l in order to get it counted and others to encourage further interest and healthy competition.

More details will be coming and I will be setting up a page on the steam group and NBI forums for enrolments. I might just keep the games a secret until the event starts just to add that mystery and excitement to it.

PRIIIIIZZES!! I am Offering up both Guacamelee and Monaco, two amazing indie games to the winner although, I might be persuaded to gift an indie game of your choice.


Fun and Frivolity

The rest of the events are not so serious or competitive, just a few genres that I believe might be fun to play together and talk while doing so. Running over an hour or as long as people want really to make a day of fun, playing games together that we are used to or maybe haven’t tried before. These will run in May as well, maybe further and the timing off them will be decided based on any input

MOBA Madness

I, personally have never played that much simply because I don’t like the community and don’t have anyone to play with. If we get enough people being able to fill our own matches would be fun and if not, a silly game of aram together would be far more enjoyable. It is much more fun to learn and play together in these games and it might prove as a break out event for people like myself that have never really tried as a way of getting into the genre.

There are many MOBA’s out there with the ones I was thinking being LoL, DotA, Infinite Crisis, and Smite… oh and there’s Magicka wizard wars now too


Pick an mmo, any mmo and we can enjoy the initial experience together or just have a day of running dungeons and such for the higher ones. My first pick would be Lotro but there are many great ftp mmo’s out there.

Buddy Building

One idea I was thinking about was a cooperative building project in whatever sandbox gets picked. It’s a very popular medium at the moment and it would be fun to see what people can create together in small or large groups, or maybe just side by side.

Friendly FPS

Another event pending community input an interest focusing on multiplayer FPS fun. I love a bit of pew pew now and then and there are a lot of amazing options out there. Some ideas I had were Team Fortress 2, Planetside, Warframe, warface, Hawken or, one of my personal favourites, the top down cooperative shooter Alien Swarm.


I Hope, during the coming weeks of the NBI that we can all join together for some of these events, to talk to people we haven’t before and engage further with those we do. It’s about bridging the gaps between us all and creating enjoyable experiences that I hope you all out there take the time to at least join in as much as you can. Then moving on from the events I hope to see the continuation of more social occasions between us and our community.

I’ll be putting up a post in the NBI forums about the events shortly and welcome any and all input.

Sincerely, your Executive Entertainment Director Eri, aka j3w3l

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5 thoughts on “NBI 2014: Blogger Battles

  1. Sign me up for the Hearthstone tournament! I would most definitely love to head up the MOBA night(s), I still play LoL pretty regularly. ARAMs are still ridiculously fun.

    • that would be great if you could head up the moba one. I have no real idea about it, about the modes and how to organise as I’m sure a lot are so it will be helpful to have a guide

      • Done and Done. Just need to round up 9 people besides myself to have full groups. ARAM is definitely the most fun mode, and keeps any veteran advantage low, because you can’t control who you play.

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