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I seriously can’t wait for my upcoming holiday as it will be the first really break I’ve had in quite a while. I had a little time off over Christmas but as is the case during that period it’s usually quite busy for me with seeing family as well as having family over at my own house. I really can’t wait.

I’ve just been so exhausted lately and I think this is why I’ve enjoyed the levelling pace of ESO more than I usually would. Being able to sleep in for a while and just relax a bit more will be great. Plus, I might just make it up to level cap after. It won’t just be gaming, there will be a nice weekend away with the hubby but most of it will hopefully involve me, the laptop and a comfy couch.

I’m looking forward to that mostly so I can catch up a little to everyone else I regularly play with. It seems most of the guild has been racing forward in their lust for the end game in order to be more competitive in PvP but also because of that draw towards powaaah! I feel that more than ever but I just don’t want to resort to the all too common activity of grinding mob spawns. It seems so soulless.

I'll just sit here and relax instead

I’ll just sit here and relax instead

Now I’m ok with grinding dungeons, areas and even spawn points but that’s once I get to cap and are more filling out my character in the way that I want and with the customisation options I like. Before that I actually like questing, even the terrible stuff as it’s the main way you really get a sense of the world, the characters and become more engaged in it. Your actions after that have a greater meaning, whatever they may be. If I don’t have that well, any treadmill would really suffice.

With the large amount of lore and the effort that’s gone into creating this world it really is becoming a world I’m more attached too now, something I may just want to stick around to explore further. I’m finding many of the stories you come across rather engrossing and really engaging characters you begin to understand and form a bond with. Razum-dar is a great character to take you around the world, The story of Queen Ayrenn and her trials around the crown and beyond. Even characters like Abnur Tharn have some interesting and often times witty dialogue that you can’t help but laugh and cringe over. There are a lot of really wonderful and well fleshed out personalities here.

avada kedavra

avada kedavra

I even find the story of the world itself and its daily life and troubles rather interesting. There is a sense of purpose there and human, or not so human failings all around. In the case of everything not to do with Daedric lords there really isn’t an absolute evil. Evil things are often done but the parties doing such acts usually have an underlying purpose there. The bandits that ravish the landscape have their reasons; the tenuous balance between the guards and thieves at Redfurn Trading camp; the battle for leadership at Barkbite Stronghold. There is always this overarching reasoning behind the actions, even terrible ones that do in a way make sense and I feel more connected because of it.

Robin Hood Role Play

Robin Hood Role Play

Now it seems I just want to feel more connected to my own character and this has been a little harder. I really haven’t decided on what I want my Dragonknight to be. Not in any role play, vast background kind of way, just what I want my basic role to be with it. I originally had the idea to be some sort of aoe damage and support character and I think that’s still one of my plans but so far I’ve more been filling out, and enjoying a more tank kind of role. I mostly quest around with the sword and board, I have more of the tanking skills filled out and have even put points into more of the tanking passives than I thought I would.

Generally it was a tough role for me, to get used too. I’ve done a little tanking here and there so am familiar with the role but its a far more flexible position here and I neither have the forcefulness to lead nor the inclination too and that’s a defining point. As for the gameplay itself I am kind of getting the hang of that role I’m trying to fill. I’m getting less anxious with diving in and more attentive to picking out and peeling key mobs. I’m also getting more used to relying on others in those key moments for those heals rather than defensively backing off.


Mission Successful however I should have walked away from the explosion

As I level I’m definitely liking the look of my character more and more. Their armor designs are quite good and at every level there is a lot of diversity because of the various racial styles and armor types. Each look seems very different although, I am starting to think armor is produced in one of those spray tan machines where you spin around to get a good coat. Then obviously peeled off like a lycra suit. It still looks pretty good but heavy armor lacks that imposing feel because of it.

Aztec Guardian

Aztec Guardian


Overall I’m very impressed with what Zenimax have accomplished here. I never expected to feel this connected and engaged towards ESO and was more just expecting a good PvP game to suck up all my available time. I am pleasantly surprised at the ch:ange though as I think this more relaxed and worldly approach to an mmo is what I needed after the focused PvP play of GW2. I can get to all that again eventually, and will enjoy it immensely but for now I’m content with just exploring the world in a relaxed way.

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5 thoughts on “ESO Report: Worldly Ways

  1. The more I play the more I find myself irked by the up and down quality of the writing and stories.

    All of the “major” storylines I’ve done: the main story, both guilds, the zone arcs, have been universally bland, dull, and uninteresting. I began to loathe advancing them, but you need to advance the zone arcs in order to get into the phases so you can find enough quests to actually level, you need the guild stories to get access to their special crafting stations, and I’m fairly certain you need to do the main story to go to Coldharbour. So I’ve done them anyways.

    I hate the breadcrumb-y nature of the zone wide arcs. I hate how they keep using the same cast of annoying characters long after they’ve worn out their welcome. I hate how meandering and pointless the Mage’s Guild is. I hate how the entire resolution to the plot of the Fighter’s Guild, a murder mystery, was written on the wall in 10 foot high golden letters ages before the climax. I hate how the main story keeps saddling me with utterly useless NPC ‘helpers’ while dumping my med armor squishy ass into encounters where I get swarmed with 5+ mobs at a time. All of these things feel like there were too many cooks in the kitchen. There’s no soul or heart to them. Just cliches and tripe.

    Meanwhile, a surprising number of the more incidental quests are actually quite nice. I wish I could choose to just do them.

    I also wish VRs didn’t exist. They’re going to make alts a living hell.

    • you know, I’ve mostly been finding them rather interesting. Even the antics of shoegorath who I thought I would loath at the beginning.

      Personally I like quite a bit of the story I’ve encountered although I find the smaller stories within the zones are often more enjoyable than those larger arc. I know it’s no literary achievement but it’s certainly a step above most mmo fare.

      I do get when and what you’re talking about though and find myself skipping through a fair few stories here and there, you can just tell

      • I finished up both guild quest lines just a little before I wrote my last post, so the venom was still strong. Especially because I did the Mage’s Guild last and it’s by far the worse of the two.

        The Mage’s Guild story just has absolutely no emotional pay off at the end. Which I suppose would be hard to achieve since there’s no fucking plot or character development. The characters never do anything beyond gibber inanely, talk about books, or say “Curse you Mad God!”. Ever. There’s a small bit of backstory on Valaste and Shalidor in one quest, but the stuff discussed there has absolutely no impact on anything. The whole thing is pretty much just an excuse to have Sheogorath around to say funny things.

        Which is a concept that could have worked if the quests were a sort of meta commentary on the game or MMOs in general, which they bloody well aren’t, but not as one of the game’s signature quest lines.

        The Fighter’s Guild is way better, in that it actually has a plot and characters, but a central chunk of that plot is a “mystery” that is possibly just a tad less mysterious than finding a pile of dog crap next to a non-housebroken puppy. Especially since the game pretty much tell you who did it before you even find out that it was done. I suppose technically you could argue that the real mystery is “why was he murdered” instead of “by whom was he murdered” but again the game shoves the answer right in your face. Anyone who is actually surprised by anything that happens at the end must have the imagination of a potted plant.

        The rest of the quest line is much better. The major characters actually seem to have a character for instance, the ending has a satisfying array of choices, and several of the individual quests themselves have a sort of mini-plot that work pretty well. It’s just a shame that pretty much the only part of the plot that would cause the player any actual thought is done so retardedly.

  2. I’m enjoying the game quite a lot as well. I’ve found that the leveling speed picks up a lot after you get into your mid-20’s unless you consciously slow yourself down, but it’s still just plain fun. And some of the vistas to view. Wow!

    My latest thoughts on ESO with a bit of a mini-rant about the crafting traits at the end.

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