There can only be one WoD: FRV

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Yes and it’s blizzard that gets to keep the acronym now apparently. World of darkness, the mmo being created by CCP has been shuttered in order to focus on its other products. It’s one of those decisions that you kind of knew would and was going to happen but hadn’t really recognised that fact just yet. The signs were there all along but only a few really seemed to notice. It sounded like an interesting premise and CCP seem to know how to create a sandbox and grow a large and dedicated playerbase from smaller beginnings so it seemed to be a good idea for them to pursue it so finally axing this project is a little confusing.

In CCP’s recent ratings report, that The Ancient Gaming Noob gives an excellent round up of, there main loss was caused by the devaluing of assets that were no longer predicted to earn. The optimist in me too thought that was dust 514, a project that should have been burned alive long ago. It is, by all accounts a terrible game but it’s connected to their precious eve universe they’re so infatuated with. Instead they kill, what I thought to be, CCP’s one actually hope for the future.

I know they have eve there but does anyone actually believe it will last forever. It has created a dynamic player created style of gameplay that obviously extends player interest but this will falter in time. The game will bore people, the corps will get eventually tire of the relative stability and predictability in events and how the systems are controlled and, as it is the growth of new players has always been relatively minimal so the numbers won’t replenish. Even though Eve obviously fills it’s particular niche perfectly it was always a game that had a certain shelf life.

I have no idea when that will be, it might be one or another 5 but it is going to happen eventually and I’m guessing when it does it will be a defining event followed by a quick decline. Then there is whether any other company or game will draw away the players from eve in the mean time. CCP have faced very minimal competition over the years and have benefited strongly from that. Its their main earner and it seems a good idea to develop and implement a project that can take over from it before that eventual time comes.

Now they do have a few projects, one released and the other in development but I don’t think either would be able to fill the loss of Eve. Firstly Dust 514 is a connected project in the same universe and would obviously suffer from Eve’s failure. Second it’s a terrible game in a crowded genre of incredible polished and free multi-player experiences so I doubt it is, or is going to be the earner they expected.

Valkyrie does sound like an interesting premise but at it’s stage of development and that of VR technology it’s little more than a tech demo. Virtual reality is still very much in it’s infancy in terms of the hardware and software. What you can do with it is still reasonable limited and the limitations of the tech in regards to the processing power needed means it is really only for the dedicated. It will also be quite buggy for some time while they figure out the system and connection to the client as well as how programs render the images.

Then there is the cost itself. Your adding on a large cost on top of an already large outlay for gaming and your adding an extremely expensive headset on top of that. Then the peripherals themselves will cost a lot extra as well. It’s creating an initial market that will be incredibly restricted and this is the market CCP is going to be selling too. Sure there are some benefits from being one of the founding games of a new technology but unless the funding has been particular good from Occulus, or will be from Facebook and sony I really don’t see them recouping their cost from the development.

forgot about it’s PS4 release

As a company CCP doesn’t seem to be in the greatest shape of late, yes, when taking it account the devaluing of digital assets they did make a profit but when you factor in the many layoffs, the poor performance of dust and a new project that is unlikely to recoup development this leaves the pressure on EVE to sustain the company. If that stalwart community and game should falter though they need another project there to regain what they once had. In my mind that was World of Darkness.. now, I truly wonder what the companies future will hold.

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3 thoughts on “There can only be one WoD: FRV

  1. I think part of the WoD cancellation also came from them realizing that a lot of the ideas they had were cool on paper but impossible in practice. Things like being able to run cities and issue blood hunts SOUND fun, but then you remember that in their other game players love to exploit mechanics like this to their fullest. So the immersive world they want to make will inevitably be shattered by metagaming and out-of-game shenanigans. Disappointing because I thought the idea was cool.

    • that’s very true as well.. it seemed like they had never really decided what it was going to be as well. And even when they did stuff was still prone to changes or getting completely scraped

      • Exactly, they knew approximately what they wanted but achieving that scope was too grand. I also think CCP has been losing money overall with Dust being a colossal failure because of their adherence to the one-console model, and EVE certainly finding niche success but experiencing limited growth (personally I am not convinced that EVE is growing as much as they claim).

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