A Myriad of Mods: ESO

I’ve been tinkering with a lot of different parts of ESO this week, just streamlining the areas I want and adding a few quality of life mechanics. Some I’ve kept on even after but some I think will be more situational as they detract from my usually meandering ways.

Anyway here’s a list of great mods to check out

Foundry Tactical combat – Pretty much the go to mod for your combat number based needs. tracks the stats of the target reasonably well, scroll down text of your own damage and healing as well as showing up buffs and debuffs. Some buffs may not work correctly, it assumes their connection and doesn’t account for resist.

Wykkards framework – good all round changes. Nifty toolbar for showing basics of bags, currency time, location and such. Also has macros, loot notification and npc subtitles

Skyshards – Shows a map indicator for where they are and tracks there completion

Harvest Map Markers – Tracks gathering points you’ve visited and shows them on map. Last time I used it it was crashing and didn’t work though

Wykkyds Outfitter – Ability to create gear sets and skill bar sets, connecting them into a macro key with Wykkyrds Framework. One interesting way to use this is to create an alternate gear and skill set you particularly want to level up but not use in combat and switch to this when turning in quests.

Loot Filter – Shows up in chat the loot you’re picking up but also has a few management options like selling trash and repairing automatically when at a vendor.

Inventory Grid – does what it says

Guild store search – search options for finding items in a guild store

Research assistant – adding a symbol next to items in inventory that you haven’t researched yet

Soft Cap Info – showing where the soft caps are on stats in your character sheet as well as how far over and how much has been lost

War Legend Group Frame – one of the better group frame mods although I really don’t like the style of it

Alchemist – Brilliant addon for exploring alchemy and revealing the specific bonuses


And now for some silly ones

Khajit speak – Turns all text responses into something more appropriate for khajit, this on enjoys such a thing

Librarian Book Manager – Tracks the books you’ve seen and catalogues for later viewing

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