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The first Major update is coming up soon, or at least should be by around the end of the month. We’ve heard a lot about Craglorn, ESO’s take on raiding but in a more open world environment and I wasn’t actually that enthused about the prospect… until now.

A recent Zenimax Blog post revealed a few of the mechanics that govern this new area and this seems to be what I was looking for in the PvE encounters. I really dislike the predominance of aoe in these encounters and this new area wanted to correct that in a certain way.

First they talk a lot about challenge, which quite enjoy in my end game content. It is a time to talk over and execute strategies as well as enhancing one’s own skills and ability. It is a part of a game that urges me to be better in all aspects of it and in the process it’s something that makes me more attached.

It’s interesting as well that there isn’t a time based lockout system for the combat but a resurrection toll. Going by the post I’m guessing you get a certain amount of deaths for the week, as this ties into the leaderboard. This might make people a little more patient with progress, to stop and think before assaulting things as a way of mitigating unneeded deaths.

The other part that interests me is the talk of adaptability. There seems to be a distinct meta forming with each class; best aoe, tank, healer.. that sort of thing and this might shake that up a bit. To create new roles for players to fill and encourage the use of new abilities and strategies.

 Balance Changes

The other part of this update is of course all the fixes to content and balance changes on skills but there is a certain part in these PTS patch notes that has me very worried. They are going to change aoe skills from there current near limitless cap to a small number of 6. Personally I think it might be a good thing for PvE, farming builds that can round-up and decimate huge amounts of mobs are quite popular now and such things really shouldn’t be. The part that has me worried is PvP.

For PvP this completely changes the available strategies a group can have. Small coordinated groups become a lot less effective against those that are larger and it shifts play towards more zerg type play. Right now a small group can beat a larger one, they can defend a keep against the unskilled and are competitive against others. With this change the dominant strategy becomes the zerg once more. I dealt with the zerg for over a year in GW2 and I really do not want to go back there. ESO had so much promise here in aoe in this diminishes a large part of it all because there are some rather overpowered combinations like Emperor vampire Dragonknights.

Tamriel foundry has a good round-up of the concerns and there is a poll on the forums as well that currently sits at over 90% not supporting this change. It really is a completely game changing fix, one that probably hasn’t been tested effectively on the PTS but a lesson that should have been learnt from GW2. It’s also the first thing that’s really made me wonder how long I’m going to stay with ESO. Coming here I was after a vast improvement on WvW not something maybe slightly better.

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5 thoughts on “ESO: Area and AOE Updates

  1. I never thought of limiting player deaths. Not a terrible idea, but it seems really dangerous at the same time. I can imagine certain people intentionally trying to wipe groups just to troll or as a retaliation. I hope it works out well, though. It sounds fun.

    As for the AOE thing, even with my limited RvR and ESO experience, I know that’s a horrible idea. What irks me the most is that it’s a straight nerf and a huge overhaul to how large sieges work without first attempting to make AOE more manageable through other means. Why not a soft cap where the damage is lessened past a certain point? Why not cap the damage but have stats increase how many people can be damaged by it?

    It just seems like a really big rookie mistake.

    • I’m really disappointed about the aoe thing. It’s about accountability. if you stand in the red shit it should hurt regardless of how many people are there. Some skills I do think the need to cap, ones with cc abilities specifically but not in such a drastic fashion

  2. The AoE thing sounds bad for RVR yes, but I can understand it for PvE.
    I’ll miss farming wolves in Crow’s Nook (sp?) on my Syphoning Nightblade for rawhide scraps though. That turned making L1-15 leather armour from a pain in the behind into smooth sailing.

    Don’t assume they didn’t even look into other solutions. Generally you get to ehar what they settled on, not every diea they considered but discarded because it’s not technically feasible. I’d prefer a 6 NPCs max but unlimited players for example, but that adds a check to the proc of the thing that will eithe rimpact performance or be sloppy and that’d have players in an outrage as well.

    • Yeh I definitely agree that a cap would be good for PvE, just makes farming and encounters way too easy and I’m guessing with craglorn coming up the didn’t want it being some easy farm space.
      Even for PvP i think there was somethings that needed changing.. the interaction and return of both Vampire and Emperor stats and skills might need capping. Then there is cc abilities like the dragon knight talons that i think should have a cap as well but for general damage I’m not so sure… maybe a much higher cap but not something so low.

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