Link Dead Radio: Community in Servers and Space

NBI 2014 Posts

The Links

  • The huge change to GW2’s servers has happened over the week, moving it from the single servers with overflow to something they call a Megaserver. There have been a few reports on it, namely from both Why I Game and Inventory Full and the verdict is that while it seems to improve the levelling process, and even some of the long forgotten areas the effects on both community, larger more challenging events and the diminishment of that worldly feeling.
  • In an Age discusses the feeling of Pay to win in Hearthstone and other Free to play games, balancing it with concerns and analysis with the Infinite Dollar Hypothesis.
  • The Eve community is writing about what being Space Famous, and while I don’t seem to read many of them at all The Ancient Gamin Noob  has a wonderful post about what it means to him. To Wilhelm just the fact they one can make there mark and become famous or infamous within the community is a huge thing. With the recent Elections, the Large Corp leadership or just staying active within your own little sector it all speaks strongly of having a community. Sometimes  that might cretae conflict, disturb you in unusual way but this seems to be parrt of having a living connected community rather than the small fractured specialised groups of other MMO’s
  • Game By Night is posing everyone the Question of whether they Feel compelled to keep up with the Joneses. That then either get jealous of others play or are enticed by their experiences into trying new titles.
  • Polygon have a recap from the Games For Change conference which had some interesting discussions about diversity and aiming to create social and political change as well as enlightening the viewer to societal issues within games

And for a few ESO pieces go have a look at

  • Nomadic Gamer who’s discussing the various MMO tropes they’ve come across
  • Werit for that feeling of Skill Point paralysis when allocating rather restricted points in the beginning… I know that feel.

The Vids

City of Titans Trailer


Live Action Streetfighter series being produced after a successful Kickstarter

Oddworld GDC gameplay

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Something Called Lords of the Fallen, looks like an arena based challenge thing

DUSTFORCE.. awwwwwwwww yeeeehh!