Progress Report: Hearthstone, Prison Architect and Wolf Among US

Ugggggggghh Holidays, I should have expected it. Saturday our net turned to complete poop, incredibly slow and unstable. No MMO gaming was possible at all. Some sort of Line fault which left me with around a speed of around 60kb/s. On top of the troubles with the internet I’ve actually been quite ill over the weekend and even now. I seriously cannot believe how much gunk was coming out of my nose, full-blown sinus ickiness with a thumping head and sore tummy. Couldn’t even sleep lying down for a couple of nights so it was just me propped up on the couch making weird gurgling noises… or so I’m told. After a few days with antibiotics, cold and flu tabs and a ton of Panadol I’m starting to return to normal.

Luckily the internet worked well enough and I didn’t pass out for our HEARTHSTONE competition which we had a lot of fun with, and even with a few impromptu matches between each other. Some of the matches were incredibly close and it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves. There are screenshots and video up on the NBI Forums and I should be putting mine up tonight. We are still waiting for a few people though to do their matches in order to begin the final rounds though.

Hearthstone NBI

I actually played a lot more of this over the weekend too, a little because It was pretty much the only online game I could play but also because I wanted to work my way up the ranked ladder a little see how far I could go. So far I’m up to 8 which is pretty dang good. I know I could go further if I had more time. I’m not sure how many matches it has taken me though which is an important statistic for a deck.

The Shaman, my main class is up to 180 wins now but that’s going over my entire play so I don’t think it’s actually taken that many wins to get this far for this ranked month. Where I am at the moment it seems the Warlock Deck is my main enemy. Incredibly cheap but also accessible mobs that stack a lot of buffs on each other and with the hero power it just works. I can get through it with the right card combos; a well timed aoe and a few good taunts but it’s very close. If i don’t get those I’m screwed pretty much immediately. Those damn wariors too… oh and hunters.. grrrr

Hearthstone warlock death

Not having Internet I actually turned out quite well for gaming as I finally got around to trying a few other titles that I’ve meant too if not for the temptation of ESO. I ended up playing a lot of Prison architect which is actually a rather excellent management sim. I think it’s still in beta although I have no idea any more with these titles, but it’s very good for whatever stage it’s in.

There is a good amount of strategy in how and where you build in regards to facilities and such. You need room for growth and even a certain amount of space between the various places. Let me just say my first many Prisons failed miserably.. and quickly. Some I built too quickly and run out of money, others I didn’t have enough facilities for the prisoners and quite a few times it all ended up in a massive riot where my guards where unconscious and the prisoners crashed through the main gate to freedom.

There is just a lot there to manage in regards to having the right staff numbers, managing the prisoners and their routine, psychology and happiness. You’re also constantly managing the size of facilities to match your intake and there is a particular balance between how many prisoners you have to what you income is to what you can afford and should have.

Prison Architect

The only thing is I’m not sure yet If this is all the game is, once again working out the optimum building path and then your done.  There does seem to be some campaign modes though.

The other game I finally caught up on again was The Wolf Among Us. I’d only played the second episode so far and this time I got through the second and 3rd. I’m not sure about it just yet. Both this and the Walking dead have been an incredible series with a great story but as a game.. hmm. There are a few elements I’m not so sure of. Mostly it seems that this time your actions don’t have the level of effect you expect, sure the other npcs will comment on it or even change their dialogue because of it but it doesn’t change the flow.



The action scenes also seem a little limited and over done in parts. I will never forget that moment of The walking Dead and trying to decide about what to do with that person in the bear trap. It was an extremely tense moment and all The wolf among us seems to offer is a march into gunfire. It’s still an excellent series; the artistic style is brilliant, the characters well presented and the story interesting but there is just something missing.

This lady though, definitely want to know what happens there.


I did end up playing a bit of ESO, slowing working my way up to cap. I’m sitting at 42 now and having a bit of fun with the dungeons. They’re getting a lot tougher now, especially with the bosses and figuring out there particular tricks. I think I’ll have an ESO post up soon for all that stuff.

The rest of the week, I’m not so sure yet. The Modem has started acting up, not accepting wi-fi passwords and not resetting back to default so we need to get another. We actually want to do some fishing one day too, kind of nice sitting there with the hubby at a nice river spot even if we don’t catch anything. We have family coming over on Sunday as well for a belated Easter luncheon, which I actually enjoy cooking for. And for the rest, Hopefully I can get up To cap in ESO and begin playing the PvP a lot more

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2 thoughts on “Progress Report: Hearthstone, Prison Architect and Wolf Among US

  1. I agree that The Wolf Among Us isn’t as tense or involving (emotionally) as The Walking Dead, but the universe is unique enough that I got hooked from the get go. Having purchased the season pass is a great way to make sure you see it through to the end as well. I have a bunch of older TellTale games I’m working through, and I must say the newer iterations are more well put together. I’m really looking forward to the Tales From the Borderlands and Game of Thrones games coming this year.

    • The universe, and just the way they’ve brought it to life is pretty amazing. The monkey island games are excellent if your playing the earlier stuff, gameplay meh but the comedy is brilliant.

      Really looking forward to their next games as well

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