Newbie Blogger 2014

The Newbie Blogger Initiative for 2014 has officially begun now, just seems like not long ago that we were running last years and now it’s around again. The noblest of aims of course come from it and that is to help new bloggers gain exposure that is just so incredible tough to get when your starting out. Sometimes we like to pretend it doesn’t matter but when you can see your actively getting views, comments and even noticed in the community it makes a huge difference.

We also like to pretend that we write for ourselves, which we do to an extent but not entirely. As bloggers we write for others as well otherwise what’s the point and our work getting noticed does make a huge difference. Through gaining this greater audience it encourages you to write more, to be more regular on your own space of the internetz, to be better as a write (I swear I’ll work at that someday) and to further engage with others. Without the NBI I don’t think we would have as active a blogging community as we do now since the growth of the initiative has not only encouraged new writers, the stream of new information and experience also helps to inspire the older bloggers around us.

Which leads me to the heart of the what the Newbie Blogger initiative is all about… Community. It is the piece that holds everyone together. That inspires each and everyone one of us, that create new experience and social engagement and that fills me with joy regularly. I was original rather cautios about it, to extend myself in a more personal manor to others but the community has been nothing short of sensational

So to those beginning now I say welcome.

There is a lot Happening already for those that want to get further invloved

The Newbie Blogger Website is up and running and will have news posted throughout the event as well as links to other blogs and pieces of content. There is a large section of advice from previous years as well as a forum to introduce yourself and to be involved with events

There are a lot of Events happening this time as well. Syl from MMO Gypsy has once again started up her Poertry Slam writing event with a theme of Magic. Keep an eye around the blogging community for a few writing topics. We also stil have many gaming events to get involved with Including League of Legends which is being led by Izlain of Me vs Myself and I


The other Event we have coming up, starting on Monday, yes this Monday is the Indie Game Gala. An event wherin there will be multiple weeks with a special free, but awesome and addictive indie game to compete over for the high score. Each weeks winners will be tallied towards an overall score with the chance to win more prizes at the end.

So sign up on the forum.. NOAW!!

There are many Advice pieces going up all around if your thinking about blogging or just after a few tips.

I’m sure I might have another coming up but if your after some tips from a newbie blogger then go here and here

As for other blogs

  •  Scree bestows his thanks as well
  •  The Ancient Gaming Noob gives some advice I can agree with, just write.
  • The chindividual creates his own little podcast for the NBI
  •  And Murf VS gives a rather inspiring story of what started him down the blogging rabbit hole