Link Dead Radio: Previews, Payed writing and Vid spam

Happy Birthday to Cat context, an amazing podcast over at Herding Cats turned two

The Links

  • Link Saves Zelda has a rant about pc elitists and there abhorrent nature compared to other elitists
  • The Grumpy Elf Discusses a couple things she really enjoys about PvP and is quite detailed in her report
  • Good Games writing also made a podcast with some top industry writers about working freelance
  • If you’re after some information regarding the western Archeage version Game by Night has many posts

And ESO Stuff

The Vids

Mounted Combat in Black Desert

Super Time Force

The Old City – and kickstarter



City of Titans

Sony VR development

Building Warhammer 40k eternal crusade

Evolve full Match

The pics

eso Demi Plane of Jone

eso PvF
eso Khajit temple
eso manse


6 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Previews, Payed writing and Vid spam

  1. I’d nitpick that you can’t put “structureless advancement” and assume freeform equally viable choice in the same breath as the enhancement system that had Inventions origins and -did- have stats baked in, which took player effort to uncover and point out bugs to the developers, which eventually led to them exposing the stats for everyone to take into consideration, leading to build optimization.

    So it’s more like 10 things City of Heroes did right. 😛

    I’d also question instancing, which did end up separating most of the playerbase from each other, and may have led to the eventual demise of the game via perceived lack of population. But true, instances do convey a story much better.

    I think City of Heroes’ main flaw was unfortunately baked into its structure – the ease of teaming and resultant difficulty level capped off at a preset 8 player mob spawn, and try as they might, they never seemed to be able to unbake this preset scaling and create any other variation of content. Eventually the pattern was grokked, players ran out of novelty or challenge, got bored and quit in droves, letting CoH keep only the subset that were willing to look past this… and it evidently wasn’t enough to keep the company afloat. (Those damn achievement and progress whores.)

    But man, global chat, the non-holy trinity structure that gave buffs and controls their own day in the sun and allowed any class to synergize as a team and the VAST ARRAY OF CUSTOMISATION of looks and powers, CoH can stand tall and proud that they did it first and well. ❤ RIP COH.

    • Yeah, City of Heroes was amazing. It was also incredibly repetitive. It worked until you noticed and then it couldn’t be unseen. Still, some of the best class designs and CC mechanics that really worked. It’s such a shame that Champions turned out be meh.

    • I really have no idea about coh lol.. some of those points sounded great though but I don’t really understand. Would have loved to been there though and experienced it all for myself

  2. I think that LDR is my favourite of your posts, Eri. There’s always something cool to read or see, I love the Black Desert stuff this time, and the WH40K Eternal Crusade talk was quite interesting, I hope they can pull it off! Thanks for putting these posts together, they are always appreciated!

    • why thank you..
      I really hope they can pull of wh40k as well, love the ip but it also sounds very interesting from a game perspective. The only issue will be deciding a faction because everyone I know is so divided. Trying to twist them to Elder already though haha.

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