Link Dead Radio: Community, Characters and Commentary

First for the week, go check out the Newbie Blogger weekly Round-up for new blogger that have entered the fray as well as some really great guide posts

The Links

  • We Game United takes a look at the decline of their multiplayer interest in shooters and the rise of inevitability
  • The Borderhouse looks at the controversy of the Nintendo life simulator and it’s omission of same sex couples. There is an official statement of Nintendo’s intent not to engage in social commentary but then it’s argued by omitting such a thing they already have.
  • Doctor Hannah, one of our resident newbies this year looks at the importance of character creation, and i have to agree, It allows further connection to your in game character.
  • The MMO Gypsy wonders about the lack of purpose within mmo’s lately, with many activities and how it creates a lack of motivation and while it’s lickened more to a lack of end points I think it can relate to the interrelationship between features. Why I Game follows this on with the meandering posts he does best and looks at his relationship to GW2 and types of Player behaviour.
  • Sycaine Looks at the one great failures of most mmos, that new players are unable to contribute to the game, player or the economy. It’s something that to mey created a far more engaging experience in Firefall.
  • Tremayne’s Law Discusses the way we talk about players within groups and refer to them by class and build descriptives rather than name. Something that is improved in a system with more player customisation
  • Mana Needs Mana has a political argument that’s close to my heart about the National Broadband Network, a project for improving internet availability, speeds and service across Australia and the Liberal parties destructive influence on it.

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4 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Community, Characters and Commentary

    • it was a lot of fun to read too.. if i was to write what I’ve learnt it would come down to knowing the best snack foods

  1. After this week’s Budget, the double dissolution of Parliament cannot come soon enough. Then we could probably get our NBN back!

    • If that were to happen who knows how the parliament would end up. I know Abbot is losing popularity but are there many changes of regional seats.

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