Progress Report: General Gaming and LoL Noobery

Welcome back to another exciting episode where all your dreams come true and friendship is magic… haha, not likely. In terms of me there’s nothing to report except for still being sick. I swear some fairground gypsy has a hex on me at the moment, remind me to try some serious odoo to remove it later. This has meant more time off work because apparently the days I do go in I look like death and they send me home anyway… not sure if that’s a good or bad thing but anyway let the Gaming Begin!!

There was a bit of ESO at the beginning of last week, not too much but enough to get a bit of experience gained through the VR content. So far the mobs are too tough, a little bit of added health and a bit more damage but then I’m only in the starter area. At the moment I’m facing one or two mobs as part of the quests and these are very manageable but I’m a little worried for when it gets harder and there’s a whole pack. Perhaps at that point people will be more amenable to grouping.

What’s made all this easier is that I’ve taken to using my shield a lot more in combat. I was always blocking and interrupting but now I’m using it as a primary damage tool as well. Bash is just insane; quick animation, reasonably low stamina cost and a decent amount of damage. I’m just mowing through mobs with it which is rather hilarious, I have a sword, a wealth of fire skills but the plank of wood hurts more. This little comic popped up in the Reddit during the week making me laugh about the situation as well.

Coming from this I’m also trying to learn a new technique to optimise the damage in combat with bash. A lot of the animations have certain hierarchies with what can interrupt what, with attack > Skill > Bash being the order. The thing is that you can interrupt the animations of attacks with this order while still getting the damage from them. Makes things go a lot quicker with better burst capabilities but it’s really hard to get right and many animations are different with when you can interrupt them and still get the effect. I’m just sticking with light attack + Bash at the moment because it’s hard to get right and then maybe work on putting Flame lash in the middle.

As for the rest, the questing is still the same I guess with mostly the same sort of stories and format, go here and collect that and while it still seems like the same general quality I’m just not feeling it that much. It’s still another couple ranks before I can try the dungeons too to break up the monotony. The Nordic inspired space of the Ebonheart Pact is certainly a lot prettier though, love the housing and the colder climate.
eso ebonheart

Instead of doing all that I think I’m going to take my time with levelling up through the PvP, they are increasing the gains from player kills and while it’s probably a lot slower it will create a better buffer between content.

Prison Architect has been another awesome distraction which gets a lot easier in those beginning stages after the first prison. Having that large cash bonus lets you build and plan on a much bigger scale to start off with, you can hire enough people to matter, work on the inner mechanics a little before getting the large number of inmates that complicates it.

So far the design revolves around the middle section of the Kitchen and Canteen. I was thinking since that is a central point of the routine that it needs to be more easily accessible with the least time wasted getting to and from that space. Then the cell blocks immediately around it, with the eventual work spaces a bit out from there and office spaces the furthest away. Right now I’m wondering just how far I can go with this space in terms of prison capacity before it crumbles. I might not turn off inmate deliveries to keep up the building pressure as well.

prison architect
As usual there was Hearthstone which I still can’t exactly understand why I play or why I’m still keeping up with completing dailies. I’m slowly making my way up the ranking scale again but not with any real purpose. I just enjoy challenging the Shaman Deck I made, one that seems to work for me and my playstyle. Up to Rank 11 now and will probably go further with it, but I have no idea how far. As usual the main problems are still Hunters, Warlocks and Warriors with legendary stacked decks. All perfectly the same too which is the part that is more irritating, no personality from them or any sense the people with them crafted the decks themselves.

The major Difference in my week, that I never saw coming was League of Legends. The NBI event for last weekend was a lot of fun, with many people getting involved and me after a exited the land of electric sleep. I ended up playing two matches with the group and entered the heights of my gaming noobness for everyone there to see. I think after my victorious hearthstone game Izlain enjoyed this time a little too much. I’m sure I heard gleeful chuckles at my deaths emanating from my computer somewhere. A full report of the day is over at Me vs Myself and I as well as another recount at Princess in a Castle

Doing this actually sparked a little interest in LoL as well and I’ve been finding myself playing countless hours of it. Only Aram so far as it’s an easy mode to understand; push forward and work as a group and I seem to be getting a bit better at it. Not being completely carried and when matched up against people around my own ranking I’m doing quite well.

There is still a lot to learn though.. a lot. I went into this weekend with no knowledge of any of the champs, about how to build and play them and know a handful now. I also learnt that you don’t have to outright buy the larger items and can get prerequisite that lower the eventual cost for them, a revelation but rather funny thinking about how stupid that sounds. I’m getting there now but there is just so much there that it seems it takes a focus on this one game to get right and I neither have the time or the will to do that but it’s a lot of fun for a few runs.. or a dozen.

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6 thoughts on “Progress Report: General Gaming and LoL Noobery

  1. There are quite a few MOBAS out, all with different player environments. I tried LoL and it was like the Toxic Avenger’s birthplace. I ended up in Infinite Crisis. Lots of the same rules, just seems to be a different crowd.

    I do like the easy to play, nigh impossible to master aspect. Makes each session unique.

  2. I think we are going to have a ton of fun together when Heroes of the Storm drops and we have a new MOBA we can learn together. League ARAMs are fun, but I have many years of League knowledge so I don’t suck at them nearly as much as you do …

  3. I’m looking forward to HoTS myself. League has been the only MOBA outside of Awesomenauts that I’ve put a considerable amount of time in. Being on a level playing field might help, but those of us who have embraced the genre for a longer period of time will most likely still have an advantage.

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