Link Dead Radio: Mechanical Mayhem

The Links

  • Inventory Full gives a run down of where Landmark is right now in terms of the experience and updates
  •  Contains Moderate Peril brings up the point of MMO loyalty which makes me think about my own situation

More PvP discussions

The Vids

tropico 5 has multiplayer…. oooooooooooooo

Sims 4

Some  Borderlands stuff

Watch Dogs promtion


Weird Video Capture



Witchmarsh and the kickstarter

gaming future talk – spectatorship


2 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Mechanical Mayhem

  1. To clarify, I only believe that separate PvP works in the current crop of mostly PvE MMOs. I believe a sandbox world with elements of both would be far more fun.

    • ahh yeh, I have to agree there. better to keep it seperate and away from the different power levels although I wish there was an easier way to cross over between raiding and pvp

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