Progress report: Tentative Times

I really didn’t do much gaming this week. I was in one of those funny moods where you think you want to but can’t drag up enough energy to actually play so you stare at funny pictures instead. I think just from being sick for so long it had just drained a lot of that energy away which thankfully I’m beginning to get back now. I did end up patching quite a few games lurking on the computer, which gives me more options for the week to come.

Hearthstone was a part of the week as it really doesn’t take the much energy to play, I’m usually watching TV while playing a match anyway. The week was the same; doing dailies, ranking up but stuck on the 10 mark again and spending any gold on arena access. Had my best run ever too with a weird Hunter deck that I thought would absolutely fail hard. 6 straight wins and then losing the rest.

The other thing I want to say is I’m over it, just completely and utterly over the game now. I don’t know, just with hitting that ranked wall and getting frustrated at the same ridiculous Warlock Zoo and legendary filled decks something just snapped and I can’t be assed with it any more. Not with those sort of bullshit tactics being the most popular, one of the easiest to play and just way to effective. Think I might take the time and try Hex now.

Prison Architect where I worked a little bit on my prison… Slow progress I think at this stage as I’ve worked out the mechanics enough that I know I won’t fail. It’s just now seeing how big it can go before some sort of collapse.

The other main game was Lol again and my continued practice of the controls. It seems so simple but there are so many little mechanics and nuances that make the game that much harder. Knowing where, when and how to build you champ for what it’s good at and so it works with the group. The precise movement and control of character within that intricate dance when two groups meet. Moving in just enough to maybe hit, or ducked someone too close and attacking with immediacy. Then there is just aiming your skills to hit which is far easier than it sounds.

It’s funny looking at something and knowing you have to improve EVERYWHERE, people practice a lot and any failures just get magnified. I think my main problem would be going all tunnel vision in attack of one target without being aware. I might miss their allies or miss-time things or just attack the wrong target.. Taunt definitely works on me.

My main frustration here is that my puter doesn’t seem to like it much. Mostly it’s fine and runs reasonably well but the screen freezes can happen. Sometimes it will happen a lot, especially in moments of heavy action like a team fight where you really do need control which really tends to dampen my enthusiasm for the game. No fun for my team either and it makes me feel worse knowing I could be doing better for them. Can’t wait till I get my tax refund as it’s going towards a new puter straight away.

As for the week ahead I’m definitely purchasing transistor, it just looks purrrrrrty. I’m also feeling the need for some ESO pvp now too with the guild so a few nights I’ll be holed up in Cyrodiil and the weekend maybe getting my build and gear a bit better. Still haven’t put glyphs on anything yet and some of my gear isn’t even VR. There are a few skills I want to rank to the next level as well as they seem more useful than some of the stuff I’m currently using

That’s all folks and may your minions be plentiful.


5 thoughts on “Progress report: Tentative Times

  1. I’ve been feeling the same with Hearthstone… playing ranked and normal has become boring. The RNG hates me. But then I have been on this fantastic run in the Arenas, the last 3 times I had 5, 5, and 9 wins. But yeah, it’s been played less lately. I’m really looking forward to the expansion stuff though.

    League is a terrible beast. It was bad enough when I first joined the game and there were 90 something champs. I think they’re up to 120 now or something. Learning every champ and how to build them is tough. However, you just have to keep in mind a few key items. Basically, if you’re AP you want Zhonyas and the Chalice. That gives Armor and MR + goodies. Then increase your AP from there, maybe get some health. If you’re AD, a big lifesteal item, some attack speed, and usually a little bit of MR is all you need. For tanks, I usually rock a Spirit Visage, Sunfire cape, and then more health. If you can remember those general ideas and then build upon them, you’ll be fine.

    • Arenas are still fun, shame about the cost for it though as I’d probably almost exclusively play it if i could. Oh yeh, looking forward tothe expansion as well

      I’ll take those tips on board too

  2. Hearthstone would be a lot better with some Legendary limits. OR gut arena and give me random draft as my go-to way of playing. It seems a lot more fair even when it really isn’t.

    • Limits on legendaries would be aesome, I think some sort of equal amount in arena would be good too, sucks that sometimes you won’t have any yet you’re opponent gets some. Arena does seem fairer for some reason, far more randomness there and not just the same stupid decks

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