Foot in Mouth

Well I love this post in so many ways.
Now I’ve been talking to izzy for a bit now and become sort of impromptu gaming buddies over the course of the year. A friendship there indeed but during the other post and further responses I couldn’t help but cringe, the were extremely common responses but I couldn’t help once again feeling a little dissapointed by them. Not angry, not enough to think worse of someone… just disappointed. Then, there was another follow up post, made from a moment of reflection and it gives me hope… hope that even in small communities we can enact change

Me Vs. Myself and I

I read a lot of posts about the topic of inclusiveness, and the commentary made by Blizzard.

I made a response post.

I hastily commented and had some heated discussion on J3w3l’s post.

I then read a bunch of other posts about the experiences of female gamers, along with all of the comments that picked apart everything I said, on both my blog and over on J3w3l’s.  Some of the commentary made by men (when they find out a player is a girl) is downright ridiculous, and I can’t believe the nerve of some guys. I have made the mistake of idolizing a “hot gamer girl” like the rest of em, but I would never dream of saying some of the things they come up with. I don’t even say this kind of stuff to other dudes.

I started to think about how I might not outright deny…

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