Progress Report: For the Feels and Fun

Wow just what I week this has been. Personally all that I’ve been doing has been returning to work after a long sickness which I thought would make me tired, quite the opposite. I’ve been walking the dog again, active with the kiddies.. it’s been great. I’ve also been ravenously hungry, so I wouldn’t recommend sticking a your hand in front of my food right now. NOMNOM.

The rest well, a little emotional as you may have noticed. Sometimes, it can just be a cumulation of things that happen over a while and then one thing just sets it off, sometimes related in one way but not really the absolute focus of your frustration and anger. It bubbles up, spurned on by others as well and this week was that week. many things of some sort of social magnitude are felt by many at the same time, I’m particular empathetic as well and take much of that feel on myself. It’s been a ride for sure, for a lot of people. I appreciate every single person that commented, those that supported and even those that maybe took the time to think… and well, for all those else out there frustrated, confused and god damn angry.

On the gaming Side.. BEST WEEK EVAAAAAAAA


Transistor was everything I wanted to be. It was smart, aesthetically mesmerizing, complex and enjoyable combat and an amazing relationship between the characters. I wrote another kind of review, in the style I usually do that looks at my experience. It wraps up about the parts I loved and I really didn’t have anything to critique, it was great for what it was.

and that couple.. such gooey feels


I had a bit of time to sit back and experience the next episode of Kentucky Route Zero, and experience I did. One of the best narrative gaming experiences of our time… that I am pretty certain of. It will be once again picking up another load of awards at the end of the year, especially if they can get the next episode out, which i so what to see. Episode 3 was a continuation of the story but less focused on the mystical this time and more about some more modern critique of roles, responsibilities and our personal place in the world. In terms of locations it seemed far more limited than the others but it had some of the more memorable event and some very poetic dialogue points.

Serious gamer cred denied until you see this one..


To then go from these narrative pieces.. to BROFORCE was quite the shock and yes, that should always be capitals. It’s a name you scream from the inner depths of your tummy. A tummy full of beer and steak. It’s the ultimate DUDE BRO game and, I absolutely adore it.

It’s the penultimate MAN SHOOT movie homage packaged up in 8 bit goodness. There are famous characters from most of the big franchises and those that include some pretty huge actors. The characters used to are just perfect as well. You play along and make little giddy sounds when you get to pay a new one and figure out the awesome abilities they have. It’s extremely tongue in cheek about it all, from the sound effects, to the actions.. the little faces they make and everything that occurs over the course of a mission. It seems to take the extreme ridiculousness from movies like Team America – FUCK YEA and just runs with it. It’s not serious, it’s not meant to be serious. just laugh out loud idiocy.


The gameplay is just amazing too. Near everything on the maps is destructible, leaving you to burrow through as you will and find many ways around or just create an amazing amount of destruction every where you go. It’s quite funny seeing that Area Liberated text at the end, just after you’ve decimated the entire space. The levels have a great pacing to them; easy at the beginning and then ramping up to ridiculous quantities of enemies at the end with more complex mechanics and such. It’s not difficult at all though, or at least I didn’t find it as such. I died heaps but it doesn’t really punish you for it. You usually get enough, which turn you into different BRO’s after a death and you keep on fighting and blowing stuff up. Even running out, it reloads and you keep on going.

I have to say I just love blowing things up, a love how enemies explode and rain down meaty chunks. I love the flow of the gameplay and running, jumping and gunning and just how crazy it all gets as your moving onwards and upwards. This is actually what I wanted Mercenary Kings to be; something crazy and about the act of ploughing through a level with a wild abandon. Feeling like some kind of powerful Lunatic.. just amazing


Other than these Awesome game I played a little more of Hearthstone but nothing too much, finished some dailies to make sure I have enough gold for when the expansion runs around. It’s getting much easier now to do this too since I have a reasonable deck for most of the classes. Nothing rank worthy but enough to get by in play mode.

A little of Prison Architect and up to 150 inmates now. I still have quite a bit of funds left in order to build, over 100k but it’s going down quickly as I keep the prison progressing in order to take on more prisoners.

I did End up play a quick bit of Democracy 3 and it is so much harder than I thought it was going to be. For my two goes at it One I ended up getting booted out after my first term for sinking the country further into debt. The other I got assassinated by a christian group.. irony

There is just so much there and a lot of things to think about when managing the country.. go figure. Finance is a huge part if it, obviously. In the beginning of a term it seems this is the major part to worry about. Then there is also introducing you r own policies, keeping the different sub groups happy and maintaining a decent approval rating

Everything seems to have its pros and cons, focusing on a particular demographic while making others despise you but also the interrelationship between policies work, affecting how each work and how much they work. For each turn you really have to think about your limitations as well, depending on how experienced and loyal your cabinet is determines how much change you can make. It’s incredible deep and will take time to get the hang of.

Lastly there was a little Terraria. A little less than I wanted but it looks like the Server is coming along well with a few people already laying down there claims like Talarian, Mr Murf, Izzy, Cabbidges, Clockwork and of course meeeeee. I’m wondering what to build this time. Last server had this gigantic castle filled to the brim with everything imaginable. I made an amazing boat too, just huge that I have yet to fill up with the awesome collectibles. This time hmm, thinking a floating wizard tower for now.

There is still heaps of room on the server too and we would love to have any and everyone involved. It’s a great game to enjoy together, it’s cheap to pick up and you get to play with your fellow bloggers. Sign up and get the details over at the NBI Forums.

3 thoughts on “Progress Report: For the Feels and Fun

  1. I don’t know if you noticed the same thing, Eri, but I’ve found that I get markedly different experiences playing Hearthstone at different times of day in ranked. Late afternoon/early evening (I’m in Melbourne) I find the opponents much easier than after, say, about 9 or 10pm. I don’t know if it’s been a fluke, or the US timezone difference, but I seem to get many more varied decks earlier in the day – later, I find that most of my games are against the Zoo, Aggro, and Look-How-Many-Legendaries-I-Have decks, which my deck (Druid spell-based midrange control) has a harder time against.

    Also, Fucking Paladins. I loathed Pallys in WoW battlegrounds because of all the bullshit they could do, and I’m getting the same eye-twitching rage playing against them in Hearthstone. Sword of Cheese, bubbles, Equality, all the heals….I always get at least 400x the satisfaction beating a Pally. 😛

    • Actually I have noticed that change between the decks and classes used. I generally have a harder time at 9pm here too, that’s right on reset so I think that is an issue… more hardcore players log in right then.
      It seems easier during U.S prime.. more diversity in the decks you face too which I think has to do with a greater number of players playing.

      funny but pally’s generally don’t give me problems.. Rush decks will if I get card screwed. Ones that turn out hard are the warlock giant based decks and those pay to win warior decks with all the legendaries… I just don’t have enough removal cards to get through

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