Inaccurate Ideas in Blogging

I’ve always been rather free with how I feel at the time in my daily life which is often only based on whatever information is available and, when it comes to the blog this involves writing down my thoughts and posting them for everyone to see. I enjoy doing this far more than any sort of factoid based post or guide as it is the experience of gaming that I enjoy more than any other element. But the opinions I have are not based on much, just something I feel at the time based on experiences and such.

Doing this means I’m often wrong; sometimes a little, sometimes just in parts and other times it will be the dumbest shit you’ve ever heard. While I do research things, sometimes extensively I just don’t have the time to fully research every single article like I’d want to but you’re not expected to be write perfectly in every aspect either, no matter how much people say so. Based on my experiences I’m often wrong in retrospect too. After playing something for a time after being hyped after promotional experiences it sometimes fails to meet expectations, or the opposite where something you were originally repulsed by you suddenly gain more interest on.

For me at the moment I’m seeing a a decline in my interest with Elder Scrolls Online. After playing it for that month pretty heavily I haven’t touched it in over 3 weeks. A collection of disappointments leading up to that moment but it was a game I was extremely pleased with but quickly fell from interest. I’ll be going back of course but having a break away has definitely been a good thing to recharge y interest and avoid burnout.

I’ve also seen my interest in games like Wildstar and Archeage growing again. I wrote off Wildstar almost immediately after playing it and while my main fault still stands it seems it gets right what I’m missing in ESO. Archeage too, and for that I think I was reading forums too much which tend to be the domain of the critical and disappointed. It will still obviously have flaws but it’s something I really want to try in the coming months to get my own feel for it. Not enough for a 150$ alpha invite.. that’s retarded, but maybe enough for beta.

The point is that’s what it is to be a blogger in my mind and one of the great bits about it. You’re allowed to be wrong from time to time, sometimes a lot as opinions and thoughts can and do change based on experience and time. Sometimes it’s not even related to the game but more a general mood you’ve fallen into, and that’s ok too. Your not expected to always have the same opinion, the same train of thought and the same interests from one month to the next… in fact I’d be more worried about the people who don’t change their opinions at all.

Now if this was some kind of professional site then you probably wouldn’t be able to get away with a focus on opinions and experiences but for blogging it’s the best part. It’s the reason I do it and the reason I read so many. News sites get boring and it is these opinions that remain interesting whether they’re wrong, right or within that murky grey space.

5 thoughts on “Inaccurate Ideas in Blogging

  1. Agreed. I am slowly warming up to the idea of playing the new WoW expansion. I am doubtful by the time it comes out I will want to, but it is getting me through these desperate times!

  2. Well said. As changeable human beings our reactions to and assessments of even supposedly static media like books, movies or offline video games change and develop according to our moods and experiences. How much more so when the medium itself is constantly in flux as is any active MMO? All we can do is call it as we see it and be big enough to admit we’ve changed our minds as we roll along.

    That said, my problem continues to be a lack of time to get around to the myriad of MMOs that interest me and the zillions of things I’d like to do in them rather than any fundamental feelings that I’ve misinterpreted this one or that. For all that I commented, often, that neither TESO nor WildStar really interested me I’d still have bought and played both of them if I just thought I’d have the time to make it worthwhile. I will be trying ArcheAge, but not at $150 a pop. I’ll probably wait on open beta for that one.

  3. If you go back far enough on my blog you’ll see the sheer joy I had when I discovered EQ2. I frothed at the mouth for that game for a long time. Then I hated it. Then I was hyped for WAR and others, then I grew tired of them. Then I wrote off MMOs altogether. Now I’m playing Rift. Being able to look back on our journeys is part of the fun of blogging.

    I can honestly say that I won’t be playing Wildstar again unless it goes F2P. Then I might give it a whirl. Same goes for ESO. Archeage looks interesting, but like you, I believe paying $150 for an early access game is ludicrous. I think I’m holding out for EQN and H1Z1. I’m hoping one of those goes places I want to go.

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