Link Dead Radio: Mega Overload Edition

The Links

  • To Body Nerd has organised a collection of wildstar blogs and links. Neri from has also be collating blogs for Wildstar on her twitter as well, if you have any to share send her a message and link out for a list of links in the future.
  • Murf goes on a great rant about the level of creativity in games with regards to mechanics and themes used. How it seems, artistically we settle for mediocrity.
  • River from High Latency Life, a person I never expected to really get on board but came to his own revelations regarding “Yes All Woman” after creating a small survey
  • After a few issues with Darkfall exploits Hardcore Casual is thinking about server wipes and the reasoning behind using them.
  • Why I game has a follow up article about City of Heroes and a few things it did wrong.
  • A great review of the Pathfinder card game over at Ardwulfs lair.
  • And lastly some screenshots of a game called “For each our ro ads of Winter” that has been influenced by Myst and looks purrty

The Vids

Awesome Video game music tribute

Wildstar Features Trailer

Quantum Break

Project Beast

Northern Shadow

red godess – puzzle platformer

Mighty number 9


Sims Building