Progress Report: Tales from Terraria

Now that I’ve been getting back into the normal swing of things and whatever diseases that reside within me aren’t trying to kill me I’ve been doing a lot in and out of the house. It’s nice having some energy once more and the dog definitely enjoys being walked once more. I felt bad not walking here as she does enjoy it so much and I’m enjoying being active once more as well. It’s funny with her though, she is completely crazy, like cooky crazy with jumping around and being extremely active but when your out walking like this you don’t even need a leash. She always stays were she can see you and waits if she gets too far ahead.

I’m still so over my working place though. It feels like it is slowly falling apart with everyone’s morale dropping and an overwhelming sense of frustration growing. Just a lack of respect and support from management makes it a lot harder than it needs to be and on top of that, we have some new hire coming in telling everyone how to do our jobs even though most of us have far more experience and even education.. oh and she has no idea too. It rubs you the wrong way, especially in childcare where how you write and interact is far more personal


Gaming for the week seems restricted as I really haven’t played that many games, just a select few but what I did play involved a lot of time. Most of that was in Terraria… of course. Yep, it’s once again sucked me back in until I’ve suddenly lost hours yet having no idea what I did.

I spent countless hours digging my underground highway again to allow speedier passage between people’s homes and creations. I did this last time on my server as well just because it lets people move around a lot easier, join in with activities and just have an easier time doing whatever they want on the server. Call it being a good host.

It is looking good but you always run into a wall once you hit the corruption at the beginning. It’s quite hard to get though with earlier picks so I’ll probably just keep doing it a little bit at a time. The thing is I actually enjoy this kind of mindless activity and I’d kind of forgotten that, I bitched a little about how people were grinding in ESO when I actually enjoy doing it, sometimes far more than structured questing. It is mindless but that‘s exactly the point, you get wrapped up in a specific rhythm of the activity and fall into that trance.

I don’t feel bored in fact, I barely feel anything and it’s usually something were you can listen to music more, talk to others or watch t.v without it having much of an impact. It’s actually rather refreshing in a way. It relieves that pent up frustration you might have and lets the mind think and wonder… It’s the gaming equivalent of having a long hot shower.

Apart from digging I did end up finishing the first idea I had for a home, my floating ice castle. It worked out kind of well, the structure is sound but I think there is a bit more customisation and decorating I can do to make it more frozen wonderlandish.

Through all of this I also haven’t minded progressing with a new character either. It’s much easier this time around just because I can kind of remember where to go and what to do next. The world has provided really well this time around as well, just so many chest everywhere with awesome gear in them to keep or share which has helped a lot. It’s far more fun joining in with people at their own level as well and there seems like a few changes throughout with new materials and items to find or craft that hae kept me once again exploring the wiki. And, I think this is the first time I’ve actually enjoyed alting rather than felt like it’s some kind of tremendous grind.

The wolf Among Us Episode 4 launched and after playing the 3rd episode only recently I just had to continue on with the story. After the last episodes ending I really didn’t know what to expect. It had some huge reveals to some of the big questions and a stunning ending, how do you top that? The answer seems to be that you don’t and that’s probably a good thing in terms of story progression. You need that lull after a period of action, peaks and valleys or so they say.

For most of the episode it is just a long winded dialogue dump. A discussion between the various parties on the previous events as well as lining up there continuing character arcs. Most of it seemed rather inconsequential though: Snow has taken over command of fable town and is trying to gain more control and respect from the many people testing her and the rest don’t matter in terms of the story it seems. Just a bunch of B cast.

You learn a lot behind the secrets of Fable town though and just how deep this Rabbit hole goes.. and it’s an exciting thing to unravel.


The other thing I played was a bit more League of Legends and I’m getting to the stage now where I think I may actually be improving. I’m starting to know by looking at the character sheet and abilities what sort of build I might need to focus on and what some of the better items could be. I still get it a bit mixed sometimes by progressing it wrong but it’s getting there.

My movement is starting to get better in when and where I go, as well as just how I’m getting the hang of the ducking in and out. I still get caught out in group fights quite often but not as often as before. I don’t think I’m ever going to be that good at it though, don’t know why but mainly because I don’t have the patience for it. It’s still fun and I enjoy the game modes it has, especially Aram immensely but it’s just not something I can spend that many hours in.

And dats all Folks. For next week I’m hoping to get enough interest to jump into ESO once again, maybe get a few VR ranks and some decent gear, get involved with AvA again. OO.. and I picked up Tropico 5 too so I’ll definitely be creating my island paradise, which in turn will become an island torment. And my mmo juices are flowing again too so I’m thinking of heading back into a lot of the games I’ve dropped: Firefall, STO… maybe even Rift… that is, if I don’t get stuck digging holes again.

So long yall, and may you not fall into murfs bottomless pit


3 thoughts on “Progress Report: Tales from Terraria

  1. Is that a Labrador you got there? Got the same color as my shar pei / labrador mix 🙂 I find having a dog helpful , he gets me outside for walks and help me chat to other dog owners. So happy to have him as company when I am home alone. Best buds for realz!
    Can’t have him off leash tho, I think, he is to happy to meet other dogs, that owners might give us the look. I know he would not harm anyone or jump on people but it is kind of strict here with leashes 😦

    • pure breed labby, she’s adorable but completely crazy. When she was in the house we went through about 300$ in cords and that crazy puppy stage just hasn’t diminshed much. She’s very active too so I think being outside in the yard is better for her. Would love to have her inside like that though. Hmm.. don’t think the cat would like that either.

      Wwe’re pretty lucky where we are too. On a few acres and the fenced yard is bigger than most house blocks. Then we have a few hectors behind us to explore. NO people or other dogs to worry about

      • Wow she’s a lucky dog then 🙂 Unforentaly we can’t have ours out if we are not there:/ But at least there is a lot of dogs in the neighborhood so he can go visit and play with other dogs. The days he don’t get to play he is a crazy pup too, nagging and jumping around like a mad dog.

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