Link Dead Radio: Ridicule and Repetition

The links

  • An inside Story on the development of World of Darkness at the Guardian – a sad tale mismanagement and lost potential
  • Kill Screen is wondering about the prevalence of being online and the increasing persistence in game worlds; how this might be accomplished and it’s affect on the world
  • Contains Moderate Peril Is journalling his Landmark Experiences and it makes me want to hop back in for a time to test my creativity once more
  • Nexus Nightly gives a humorous look at the pros and cons of gaming with your spouse
  • Looking for Playtime Looks at his mass of unfinished games within his steam account and what brought him there
  • MMO Gypsy gives a wrap up for all the amazing entries to her NBI Poetry Slam. The inspiration didn’t reach me this year, I’m not known for being terrible poetic but plenty of people showed their creative skills
  • The Stylish Radish Talks about the Hamster wheel of rift and how there is a strong emphasis on gaining gold to attain everything, and the exorbitant amounts needed.
  • Inventory Full also looks at the Gold grind, but this time within GW2 and the problem caused by RNG and the plethora of bag types that contain needed components and cosmetics.
  • Oh and if you’re in the need to shop for indie games Indie Statik gives a comprehensive Shopping Guide for Online Retailers


The Vids

Star Citizen Scenery

Witcher 3

Dead Rising 3


World of Warships

The Division

Night in the Woods

Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age


3 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Ridicule and Repetition

  1. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH my favourite regular post! So many good vids, how the hell do you find them all?!

    Love the new blog background, btw! 🙂

    • Well first you need to climb the blue mountains and pick a flower from the mystical tree of allaure
      Then the summoning can begin…

      I could put so many more on but that’s really just what interests me.

      Ooh and the background… Need to match up all the colours to it now

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