Progress Report: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

I was quite surprised going into this weekend. It was Friday morning while people were talking that I came to realise I had a long weekend in store for me.. WOOOOO! I have no idea what the holiday was for and it’s one of those things I really don’t care about, I’m not an observant person and it really is amazing to have these things sneak up on you.

Weirdly though I didn’t end up getting much gaming done.. well as much as I could have I guess. Saturday was a nice day for laying back and relaxing but then Sunday was all about  BOOK FEST, an event where one of the biggest charity organisations called lifeline brings a whole tonne of books to the convention centre. Now it’s usually full of the most popular titles, those ones that really penetrate the general population so things like twilight are in abundance but there is always some good finds in there. I ended up with a few of the Rama series, a few Anne Mcaffery books because DRAGONS, and some crime books from Mcconnely and others. Was tempted by some battletech and star trek books but I was already carrying a couple bags of books by then.

And Sunday.. ooo. Was doing a scary thing called Podcasting that I’m really not used to at all. I get nervous, not insanely nervous but enough that I forget things, speak reeeeaaaaly fast and giggle a lot… about everything. It was fun though but it makes me really appreciate the work others have done for their own and just how natural they come across. More practice to come with that and Izzy will probably have more news than me but stay tuned in the future. Scary times ahead.

For gaming hmmm… lots of one thing but we’ll get to that later. I did end up patching every single mmo on my desktop, which is a few but never got around to any of them because of it. You probably know what already.

I had an amazing time in Broforce once more. We ended up getting a full multiplayer group together and this takes the whole craziness to a whole other level. With 4 players shooting, bombing and jumping around everywhere; with huge explosions going off and terrain and enemies flying everywhere it gets insanely chaotic and hard to follow, but in the best possible way. I was laughing for the whole time.

Doone ended up streaming some of it so check out his page to watch a little. About 30 mins in I think. I wish there was voice for this as it would have made it so much funnier to watch.

A bounced around in Terraria for a bit but not as serious this time around. I collected heaps of wood off a spare server to bring over because we neither have enough left and I didn’t want to deplete the last of it. Take note Terrarians, reforest after cutting down a tree.

What I did with the mood was create a wooden overlook place on the tip of my land overlooking the next valley. Not sure how I want to edit it or furnish just yet.. more just working on the look. Maybe integrating some metal in places as support.

Terraria outpost

Of course I played Hearthstone.. why can’t I quite you. This week I tried getting back into Arena and created some absolute abominations, getting 0 wins on both a warrior and mage. The next I ended up with 6 on a Palladin which maybe balances that out.

I also popped into Shards Online, a new game seeking kickstarter right now that channels the spirit of Ultima while have customisable and interconnected worlds, or shards. It’s really not finished at all yet. Expected but it’s one of those things they really should have held back on letting people into. It bares no relation to the actual gameplay that will result except for maybe the general aesthetic. I thought what was there was stupid, with terribly under-polished mechanics and that made me not want to pledge towards the kickstarter. At this stage it’s really not a game, it’s not even a proof of concept.

The other game. The game whose name I dare not speak. Yep, Wildstar. Having received a guest pass I couldn’t pass up having a try and so I spent a few hours on the weekend levelling up and trying it out with, I think a more open mind. And it wasn’t that bad. In my mind I was having to choose before, it was between two big games with the time only to play one and having, I think already having made my decision I was far more critical on the experience.

Now I’m still very partial on the aesthetic. I just don’t get it. It’s too busy and in your face most of the time which combined with the other elements it constantly overwhelms the senses. MMO’s tend to be a more relaxing game I get into, just grinding out whatever I feel at the time with my feet up and some music playing but this just doesn’t let you relax that much.



I’m still liking it in spite of that, enough that I’m eeking up on lvl 20 now and having checked out a lot of what it offers so far. When the 7 days run out I am going to be doing some thinking on whether or not I see myself playing this game over a more long term time than a month.or two. If so, well… see you in nexus.

For the week to come I definitely see myself trying it out further and making it into more of the group content and seeing what the other options are like to play. It’s actually got me more in an mmo mood too, it kickstarted that interest once more after a long-ish absence (shut up ESO doesn’t count being a single player game) so I’m thinking about getting into a few more of those mmo’s sitting around


2 thoughts on “Progress Report: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

  1. I managed about ten minutes of Shards and nine of those were a total waste because I’d seen everything I was going to see in the first 60 seconds. It had exactly the same effect on me as it did on you – very effectively put me off giving them any money at all. It’s all very well proving you actually have something other than a good PR spiel for a Kickstarter but something like this that makes it look like you’ve barely started is almost bound to do more harm than good.

    • haha, yeh it’s a marketing thing that sounds good in theory but I think really crippled there chances even further

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