Link Dead Radio: E3 Vid Round Up

It was a fantastic year for gaming videos at this years E3, so many new titles as well as new shiny trailers. I’ve watched so many hours of stuff now and while, I may have been critical about certain elements I’m really looking forward to the next year of gaming.

In no particular oder and Sorry about IGN and gamespot ones, the talking is annoying but the gameplay is cool

Grim Fandango Retrospective – the only tye of history doco I’ll ever watch


No Man’s Sky –  A wonderful looking space game with a focus on exploration


Evolve – The cinematic trailer that is no where near as interesting as those gameplay ones


Splatoon – A new, fun fps style competitive game from nintendo


Valiant Hearts: the great War – artistic vision of stories form the War


Assasins Creed Co-op – STAB STUFFFFF


Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay demo – Combat is looking really smooth with some more tactical elements


Uncharted 4: A thieves End – The Next Nathan Drake interactive Movie


Hotline Miami 2 level Editor – create your own psychodelic murderhous


Mirror’s Edge 2 – More focus on the style and control of movement


Cuphead – Looks like a more violent version of an old mickey mouse cartoon


MGS5 – Your favourite gruff pseudo Assassin is back


The Order 1886 – A familiar tale of the supernatural invading early London and the dominance of moustached Men


Doom 4 teaser trailer – ooooo


Dead Island 2 – Another great trailer from these guys although it looks like they are going more zany this time around


Civilization: Beyond Earth A look at the controls and such and just as expected… Civ 5 in space.


Rainbow Six Siege – A look at the competitive section… reminds of CS:GO except for looking like a far more rich and polished experience


The Division – Take back new york Trailer


The division gameplay – looks good; tactical and fast paced


Far Cry 4 gameplay oh and here’s the nemesis reveal


The crew gameplay Walkthrough and this coast to coast vid is pretty cool


Super Smash Brothers Tournie – quite long but cool to watch how it all plays out. I want to see more fighting game tournies where it breaks from the standard duel system


Yoshi’s Wooly World – SUPER CUTTTTTTTTTE


legend of Zelda – A more open world game now with some nice art direction


Battlefield Hardline – Its a cops and robbers battlefield, so expect an early access announced for preorders soon which will be full of bugs and completely fucked


Fable Legends – More Fable MEh


Batman Arkham Knight –


Shadow of Mordor Gameplay – Looks like some fun gameplay and it’s interesting to hear about the nemisis system




Sunset Overdrive – Another ZANY shooter that’s trying way to hard to be cool


Destiny: New beginnings Trailer – as bland as what the game sounds like so far


Bloodborne – Dark Souls gets a makeover


Rise of the Tomb Raider –


Below, gameplay and interview – purty pixels


Alien Isolation Trailer, and gameplay vids too – yeh, I’m never playing this game now as it would scare the shit out of me


Helldivers – From the makes of Alien Swarm.. MOAR AWESOME COOP


Witcher 3 Gameplay Demo – witcher gets an open world too and hacks of a few heads because… reasons


Halo 5 Guardians Trailer –  OMG IT”S HALO… again


Sims 4 gameplay presentation – look how waky and zany we can be gameplay to appeal further to the teen demographic


Homefront revolution gameplay – Trying hard to place itself apart from Call of Duty and Battlefield


Abzu – being all mysterious as indies love to do.


5 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: E3 Vid Round Up

  1. Can’t wait for the new Grim Fandango to turn up on the PC again. Such a great classic.

    And I saw Evolve briefly mentioned on another site, and now am trying to figure out if there’s any way I can cobble together a new PC by October. Heh.

  2. Can’t say I was impressed with what was presented for PC this year. Barely any new IP, I recall Battlecry, and the remaining titles that interest me, like Witcher 3, Dragon Age Inquisition, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance, all aim for 2015 release. Seems like my top five most aniticipated post made back in January, mocking how I won’t get to those games before 2015 is becoming reality.

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