Wildstar and Feeling the Flow

While I’m still rather cautious regarding my interest in Wildstar, and yes still digging in my heals every inch of the way less I be completely consumed by this epileptic wonderland, I’m finding that I kind of enjoy the levelling process. Weird I know coming from ESO, it’s vastly different and more reminiscent of older style mmo’s but it’s something I’m getting wrapped up in and blowing off pvp battlegrounds in favour of.

I’ve heard a lot of people are disappointed with the basic quest system it has and it is a lot of the same standard kill spam style which really only has been slightly modified but me, I’m thankfully to not be constantly bogged down in exposition. Having this constant stream of personal dialogue, of zone troubles and deep lore is really quite mentally straining for me. I can only pay attention for so long before my brain gives out and I lose complete focus and then your fighting a losing battle to get back that attention. When this happens I often lose interest as well because there is too much breaking up the usual flow. I loath just how far the industry has taken this as it’s not an approach that really suits mmo’s that well, or at least, hasn’t been designed that well yet. (excepting TSW of course).

Here there really isn’t much of that at all; inconsequential quest messages and a short audio playing over the top. It is rather unimportant in the design as you have all the indicators you need and not something I think most will take very seriously. As it should be in my mind. So much effort goes into story these days and not enough in the flow of questing itself, something you invariably get hypnotised by just through repetition. I feel that in Wildstar. I don’t necessarily need a reason for what I’m doing just to be engaged enough in the activity. While the visuals are mostly an uncoordinated mess of white noise to me, the combat itself keeps me focused on the task and the mobs themselves have a defined rhythm to attacks.

Generally I’m not finding it all that challenging as well. I have a skill rotation that works well enough to take down a pack of mobs then, rinse and repeat. It’s like Tera in a way, maybe a few more options here and there to break it up but the same relative quest grind, kill a million things style gameplay. I find this relaxing. I get wrapped up in the rhythm of my skill rotation, the general movements and then just go with the flow. Minimal brain power needed but sometimes that is a good thing. Leave the more intense times for special quests, or even the Dungeons which they do. Just leave my questing experience as shallow and mindless as possible.

I guess you would get bored of that after a time, I don’t seem to though and would rather grind out mobs then be bored through another long story quest i promptly forget after a moment. That makes me feel guilty, like the game is ashamed I somehow don’t take its AMAZINGLY RICH AND DEEP LORE seriously and yet keeps poking me with a stick now and then to get my attention or stop me from falling asleep. That’s not enjoyable and I really don’t care. Just give me something to kill thank you and then leave me the hell alone.

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7 thoughts on “Wildstar and Feeling the Flow

  1. It’s not the second coming of questing, that’s for sure. Still, it does a good job of staying out of your way. I haven’t finished yet, but I do think it feels a bit long. 10 or 15 levels less would be nice. I get into a zen grinding state all the same, but when I log off, I realize I still have a ways to go.

  2. I thought the quests were pretty engaging from the limited amount I saw in beta. I find most MMO quests interesting though. TSW is in a league of its own but really the worst quests I ever did were still interesting. I wonder just what people expect, given the current default position that questing is always a waste of braincells? Hmm… must ponder this more…

    • I don’t know why but i really don’t ever fin them that interesting except for a select few.. i just can’t bring myself to care usually. I prefer the player dynamic more. Anything else and I just prefer a streamlined grind

  3. I think the way you describe the questing is possibly the best solution for a game like this. I really hate when games give me so many quests that I can’t just “exist* in the world without them. I think MMOs have far, far too many quests these days. But if Wildstar manages to keep them out of your way and just go about killing things, I can see how that feels much better than the usual.

    I might pick it up when it goes on sale later this summer. I enjoyed the beta and I think it’s more successful in execution than previous MMOs have been so Im sure I will eventually pick this up.

    • haha well, actually it is the extreme version of quest spam. You have a heap of quests all the time clogging up your journal but the actual details seem inconsequential… go to marked area then kill or click.

      I just enjoy that simplistic aim to it.

      Even grinding mobs is kind of rewarding in a way as it gives decent coin, experience, gear and cosmetics.

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