Rise of the PODtatoe

Welcome to the very first episode of Couch Podtatoes *cue applause*. An exciting new venture by Izlain of Me vs Myself and I and ME of well …here. This was completely out of my usually comfort zone as I’m not the most talkative or outgoing sort of person and was very nervous going into it. I prefer the written medium or even just talking to people in person, when it comes to the phone or internet I just freeze up. It’ just feel icky but I think I’m getting over that… maybe.

It’s also because… I’m really not fond of my voice. I have allergies, quite bad allergies that fill me with all that yucky stuff and being Australia, the land full of terrible pollens it ends where I mostly sound throaty and scratchy. Add asthma to that where you strain to breath sometimes and that’s a bad combination. I’m sure breaking my nose a couple times over the years hasn’t helped either haha. Oh yeh, and mornings, especially freezing cold mornings at 6am suck.

Maybe if I get over these jitters I might feel comfortable making some Youtube style videos… maybe.

Anyway here’s the stuffz, be gentle and of course feedback is appreciated. .


Show Notes:

Breaking the Ice: what are we playing? (starts at 1:41)

Endgame Mechanics (starts at 19:23)

Idiots on the Internet: Valve Prank (starts at 36:40)

Community Talk: NBI (starts at 44:34)


Idiots on the Internet article: http://kotaku.com/kid-developer-pranks-steam-gets-suspended-from-steam-1591730839

NBI Award winners:
@missysmojo | http://www.missysmojo.net/ “Missy’s Mojo” Adventurer’s Staff & Reader’s Choice
@stevenjpope22 | http://skipaturn.com/ “Skip-A-Turn” Good Moniker Medal
@gintrospection | http://gameintrospection.com/ “Game Introspection” Min-Max Specialist
@iogromerrybelly | http://ahobbitsjourney.com/ “A Hobbit’s Journey” Epic Bard
@thegamesnark | http://thegamesnark.com/ “The Game Snark” Media Master
@L4playtime | http://lookingforplaytime.com/ “Looking For Playtime” Frontline Champ
@puckbyter | http://tweaklotro.wordpress.com/ “Tweak LOTRO” The Avatar
@simchaandalts | http://simchaandalts.wordpress.com/ “Simcha’s Many Lives” Accolade of Intrigue
@doctor_hannah | http://doctorhannah.wordpress.com/ “From the Desk of Dr. Hannah” Prolific Pen
@braxwolf | http://braxwolf.com/ “Gaming Conversations” Promising Star – Best overall
@ranzingtonscout | http://ranzingtonscouts.wordpress.com/ “Ranzington Scouts” Promising Star – Best genre-specific

Music Credits:
“Level Up” by Cookie Monsta (from the Riot! EP)
“8-bit Superhero” by Excision & Datsik (from the album X-Rated)
“Built For Sin” by The Black Dahlia Murder (from the album Miasma)
“Rat Race” by Bigwig (from the album Reclamation)
“Enchanted Rose” by Bury Your Dead (from the album Beauty and the Breakdown)

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