Link Dead radio: Rights, Race and Improving Our Experience

The Links

  • Over at XP Chronicles there is a fascinating post about the rights of the avatar and the space therein and comparing it to its real world comparison and application
  • Link Saves Zelda looks at diversity within our games and the need for greater variety in the presentation and roles of our charactersas well as breaking down some of the arguments present within the debate.
  • The grumper Elf talks about changes in Accessibility from vanilla Wow to now and how it has changed from a system requiring investment to play towards a system where anyone can jump in but be met with a skill check. Also talks abotu how it’s letting people now raid that are not really prepared, ready or really want to be raiders and the negative effect this could have.
  • Levelcapped Asks what twitch can do to improve the experience, something I think is rather important considering the new focus in the medium
  • Simcha and Alts has a rather personal plea regarding Voice chat programs and how it has become exclusive to the hearing impaired. It’s also that many of these programs really don’t seem to understand hearing issues and don’t incorporate the needed functionality
  • Brax looks at Lego Minifigures Online and gives a short review. Reminds me that i need to have a go… oh, and that EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!

The Vids


The Pavilion


Living story recap


5 thoughts on “Link Dead radio: Rights, Race and Improving Our Experience

  1. That video Ladycroft3 made should have been played on the last day of E3 at the closing ceremony 🙂 No one can look at that montage and think “this is good/we are diverse”.

    Also, its not clear at all from the trailer what Inside is. I hate trailers that do that!

    • Polygon had a few videos like it as well. Focusing on violence and the almost entirely male cast. Rather disturbing when you see it all mashed together like that

      Oh and Inside is going to be that sort of stealth, puzzler type thing.. kind of like limbo from what I’ve seen. Coming to xbox

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