Progress Report: Wildstar Wanderings

Winter is here and oh how I hate thee. It’s been the kind of weather where it just hasn’t been able to decide where it wants to go lately and in this last week we’ve gone from mild annoyance to the HOLY SHIT ITS FREEZING stage every morning. Every morning is the ultimate test of will and trying to force my body from under the covers.
kitty, tedz

Me every morning.. The alarm goes off and NOPE, pull the covers closer. Now I guess looking at it, it really isn’t that cold. We’ve been at 20 degree days but when that’s coming from a 40 degree summer it hits you. I’m rugged up like a little Eskimo lately. Bring back da summer please.

I’ve also regained my love of gifs lately.. see above. Been spending way too much time squeeing over the cutest of stuff out there and have even taking up posting a little cute hug gif most days.

For gaming well.. I’ve been naughty. I haven’t done anything else but play WIldstar which is not that surprising considering my usual habits. Whenever I get a new mmo a jump full into it, spending a lot of time levelling and just learning about this new world and the variety of new mechanics. Wildstar has a bit to learn there for the veteran mmo player, there is a lot of the similar but a few new ways of presenting combat that take some time to learn. There is also a lot of learning required about where and how to gain certain things for your class, all gained through a variety of means.

I am liking it well enough and sitting at around level 25 on my warrior now. The questing experience is very similar but enjoyable for me. I actually thought I’d be far more into it then where I am right now though. I’m not a speed leveler by any means, I don’t worry about experience or race through spaces. I tend to complete everything in my way regardless of its merits or interest to me, just grinding through in my own march to the top. Here, I’m kind of doing that just because I don’t want miss anything.

I’d like to say this is the only reason why I’m so low in level after my time played but it’s not, not even close. I swore to myself I was going to wait to level cap before getting into it, when I had more money to spend and items to use .. but no…. Housing has taken me. I have a nice little plot in the sky were I spend my time and while I haven’t taken too much too decorating the inside of my house I have been improving the outside instead.

My main project was going to be building a small gardening shed attached to my farming spot, a little space to relax.

WildStar shed

After getting a taste of the building and decorating it just wasn’t enough and I had to try more to fulfil that urge. next goal.. a small chill-out spot so I developed an upstairs to it as well.

WildStar chillout

Looking at it now it doesn’t appear to be something that would take that much time but when it’s built by a lot of individual components the time wracks up as your buying this pieces, sizing them and putting them all into place just right. That top section is about 5 wooden planks put into it.. that fence railing is all individual pieces and then the backing underneath took a lot of time as well

There is a lot more still I want to do. I was thinking some kind of speakeasy, backyard bar and alcohol producer haha, and I do get some great ideas for this while travelling the world but nowhere near enough items or currency yet to complete it. OH well.

The other thing that took a lot of tie was the dungeons.. or one dungeon in particular. Stormtalon. They are some tough pieces of content and extremely punishing on the group. They all deal tonnes of damage, there are a variety of telegraphs to learn as well as key spots to interrupt and just general class knowledge. I do think these are a little overtuned for a beginner  dungeon though, get people into it first, to learn this new difficulty and practice and then hit them with the hard stuff. This was seriously like banging your head against a wall.. over.. and over.. and over again. I’m masochistic though and actually had a few goes at it. Finishing one of them.


How I saw a lot of this fight

Of course I thought why not have a go at tanking and I really wasn’t prepared in the slightest. It seems even for a beginner dungeon you are required to have the right build and gear in order to complete. Now, mine was focused on tanking stuff I found but from what I’ve read not optimal enough. They trick you see with the warrior, making you think support is the most useful stat. Learnt the hard way that health is all you need here.. that and maybe some deflect chance. OOO.. and strikethrough, can’t have your shots missing too much.

One piece of rather weird advice is to still use rampage as one of your main threat abilities… An assault skill. You’d think those dealing with threat would be better but no. The amount of damage it puts out really quickly helps it beat anything else while in tank stance. You’ll also be doing more damage to help the party too so win win. There is a lot more too it though and it gets even more complicated the further you go up which actually makes me even more interested. I want a little complexity to builds and such.

I’ve just entered Whitevale and I have to say, the artstyle is really starting to warm on me.. get it =p cough… anyway the zones really capture a sense of whimsy to them with the design. It’s not just the variety in colours but the way in which it’s used to draw the eye or enhance a certain them. The sense of scale that is worked with is also rather astounding and they often bring the player into this with a variety of mechanics that have you bounding about in the sky.


I’ve even got a lot into the PvP now and although the exiles seem mostly, completely terrible they are rather enjoyable. Surprisingly even though they seem rather simplistic there is a bit to learn about them. Walatiki temple involves capturing masks and bringing them back to a bas but with stealing them, and controlling the flow of the fight there is a lot to learn there. Mostly the exiles need to learn to engage in a fight better rather than hang back in this instance.

My favourite so far is the halls of Bloodthorn. It’s kind of like rush mode in battlefield but with a little extra. Each side gets an attack and defence phase with the goal for the team being to have the best overall time. To do this you need to capture 3 consecutive middle points, capture one and move onto the next. But to make it interesting there are 2 nearby points on the side that speed up the capture considerable so it becomes a group strategy of trying to outwit the enemy when attacking by hitting parts quickly and efficiently and moving around to confuse them.

This is a lot to learn though and I don’t believe it really gives enough information to the players. You see random fights that won’t help all the time or someone standing on the wrong capture point. At times I see them staying in an already captured area because they are unaware they need to move to the next space. This makes the game a little frustrating for those in the know as you end up with quite a bit of dead weight during the play but, it’s something I think will get better over time and quickly become my favourite battleground ever.

generally my favourite point is that I think they have that time to kill down just perfect. it’s possible to burst people down pretty quickly with focused fire but duel type fights go on for a bit and combat in group occasions lasts for a bit, enough time for skills to make a difference in the fight.

For the week to come I really don’t know where I’ll be in Wildstar.. I thought I could get up to 50 originally, and that is possible if I focused only on that but that would defeat the purpose of it I think. Just be more of the same.. a little of everything.



10 thoughts on “Progress Report: Wildstar Wanderings

  1. Glad you are enjoying it. I found the game to be very interesting and even post 50 the challenge in front of me is pretty overwhelming sometimes. My more casual nature has limited me from successfully running dungeons or adventures. I partially blame the guild I’m in which already seems to have several cliques forming that sort of exclude some of us newer-50s.

    Regardless, I’ve been obsessed with market manipulations and tradeskills atm. Might even start leveling an alt before I bother with running more dungeons. Not entirely sold on Medic DPS output right now (I prefer PVPing as DPS, not as a healer).

    • That sucks about the guild, it always seems to happen like that wherein the first 50s stick on together and forget everyone else.

      Yeh, medic dps got netted during beta.. They were just insane pvp class then. Good times

    • Ehh, sort of. You can hit 50 that way but need to get lucky on the AH for amp drops (as you need faction rep to buy, from quests). Plus without money coming in, it’s hard to keep geared.

    • Actually I think it’s very easy.
      It gives great experience, probably better than questing actually. The rep it gives is decent so you can kit yourself out in pvp hear rather easily.

      Each match gives you a pvp bag containing things like coin, consumables, gear, fluff pieces. By the time you reach 50 I think you’d have enough coin to be able to buy a few crafted sets, and probably the amps you need along the way.

      • Ay sounds more like Rift and thats good. In Rift I earn pvp currency each game so i can gear up. A lot nicer than ESO where u cant do any pvp until after endgame…

  2. In my country, winter wears you like a coat.

    It’s summer here, 25ish. May hit 40 if the streets melt. Winter we had solid stretches of -40.

    Also, we need to be neighbors. I am doing that. Because of the chance at plushies. If timezones work, we should also do “things” as Liore puts it. Things can get more plushies.

    • Yeh see.. If I lived there I’d be dead. A frozen popsicle

      Sounds like a plan.. My ice pond plug also gives out dye… Sweet sweet dye

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