Couch PODtatoe 2: Player Rights

Welcome back to another exciting episode of PODTATOOOOOOE

It’s once again been fun putting myself out there like that and I think i’m enjoying it a little more than before. It’s really different discussing these things out loud and with others chiming in. It isn’t as easy as writing it all out on the blog here and taking your time with editing (ahhh who am i kidding) and with other people chiming in now and then with their own thoughts it’s easy to lose track of the conversation. It’s different though and interesting how the conversation goes in new directions because of it.

Doone joined us for a special segment that we will try to do every month wherein we discuss some aspect surrounding gaming politics and culture. This weeks discussion, and well most of the segments were focused around player rights in some form or another. Things like consumer rights regarding ownership of products, entitlements and the issues with games being a service. I’ve been wondering about what a gaming bill of rights would contain.. what do you think?

anyway PODTATOE’s are go


Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 2: Player’s Rights (runtime: 1:02:34)

Breaking the Ice: what are we playing? (starts at 2:05)
Doone’s Digital Frontier (starts at 19:06)
Idiots on the Internet: Phil Fish (starts at 39:41)
Community Talk: Simcha’s Many Lives (starts at 53:59)


Idiots on the Internet 

Phil Fish decided to claim that all your moneyz are belong to him if make videos or stream his games which once again brought into question the livelihood of those that make content for youtube or twitch. It was a question that delved into the types of content we see, the validity of them and whether or not their should be certain reimbursements given. A tricky mi of factors indeed…thoughts?

Oh, and here’s that Phil Fish Comment


Community Spotlight:

Her article that sparked this conversation: The Rise of Voice Chat and Decline of Inclusiveness

Before this post I hadn’t even thoguht about how it must be for people who are deaf, are any other demographic really. It’s a hard thing to understand and something that should get more attention. Thinking about it, I thought it would be something hard to develop for, it seems only the largest as it is get any amount of attention and games get rushed out earlier and earlier. It is here where I think addon capabilities are important, let the players create and implement what they need. Of course having the developers do it is better but in the absence of that.

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  1. Ack. Need some volume normalization on this one. If I turn up the volume to hear Izzy I then get deafened by Eri. If I turn down Eri, then Izzy is just a whisper. >.<

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