Link Dead Radio: Play Nice Edition

The Links

  • Even though The Newbie Blogger etravanganza has finished up it’s month we are still getting a few new bloggers into the mix.. CHECK THEM OUT
  • XP Chronicles has been a great spot for interesting discussion of late, many amazing posts that analyze, critique, and make you think. This week I recommend the post Sexy or Sexist that attempts to analyze the use of such themes to subvert, critique and open up further discussion.
  • Nerdy but Flirty has a heart felt message that is always worth repeating when online. Marginalization is very much a real factor within our online communities but that you are never alone. And for those wondering how to react in such situations how about just focus on the person first and treat others with respect and care, the rest is pretty much irrelevant.
  • Nosy Gamer has an interesting look at Multiboxing and it’s use and policies regarding Eve and other mmo’s as well.
  • Syncaine looks at Darkfall and its fundamental, and recent failures. I think I called this back in my intial review and pretty sure my prediction will come true. Oh, and check out the comments for a glimpse into the community… or maybe as that Orcs must die unchained dev said, toxic players mean you have a good game.
  • Inventory Full ponders the meaning of the steam sale and why bother accumulating such things if, becasue of the digital age, these items are always going to be there…. and probably cheaper at some point.
  • Following up from my post about questing changes there where two posts. MMO Gypsy thinks that maybe, incentivising grouping is more important rather than discouraging solo play and GamingSF recounts his position that they should aim for more than just a co-op game.

The Vids

Shovel Knight

Deer God a wonderful looking new indie game on Kickstarter

Summoners Rift Changes

Kingdom Under Fire 2

Dead Island Epidemic

New Settlers title… looks ftp thoguh

Short No Mans Sky Doco

Zombie Driver

Space Hulk Deathwing