Progress Report: Steam Sales and Wildstar Overload

STEAAAAAM SAAAAAAAAALE.. the gamers version of Christmas nowadays. I time for all to come together as one and revel in the a wondrous time of cheap games. Oh sure there are a few Grinches around avoid it all but for the most part it’s amazing.

Of course I just had to jump on in and purchase a tonne of games. For the most part it is these larger sales where I stock up on titles for the year, or at least the next several months. I actually try not to buy too much during the year; there are a few major games I pick up near to release, in particular MMO’s and a few cheaper indies but for the rest I pretty much wait until the price is right. To me having a decent but not boundless amount of gaming funds this seems like the best practice while being able to play the widest selection of games… and there is just so much out there.

Anyway – this year I think it might be a little different. Usually they might just sit there picking up digital dust but this year, under the call of Aywren of I might just play everything over the next couple months. It’s a big ask but something I think should be done. A lot of these games weren’t just impulse based purchases and ones I’ve been eyeing off for a while so that makes it a little easier.


Brothers: A tale of two Sons

That puzzle based game with the moving story of two brothers that you control simultaneously. Looks wonderful and I enjoy both puzzle platformers and these moving story based games, plus everyone was raving about it for a time.

Don’t starve + DLC

Survival Game with an interesting aesthetic, exactly what I need more of


Stealth puzzle based with excellent controls and gameplay with many ways of completion

Mark of the Ninja

Another stealth based puzzle game

Metal Slug 3

I wanted to grab this when it first came out on steam but sadly bills.. I always loved this version and played it a lot on an old arcade console growing up.. looking forward to diving back in.

Planet Explorers

After being more and more intrigued by No man’s sky I think this might fill the gap a little. Exploration based RPG with crafting and building.. or something.

State of Decay

Zombie survival game… meh, why not

The Swapper

Another interesting looking indie puzzle platformer but this time around space exploration and a mechanic of creating clones

Xcom:Enemy Unknown

Getting on a turn based strategy binge atm and after reading some of Jeromai’s ongoing play-through I just had to grab it.

Banner Saga

IT SOOO PURRRRRRRRRTYYY. I’ve actually been playing this one and it’s better than expected. The visuals and painted backdrops are just beautiful. The story about the different factions and people, as well as the larger narrative is very intriguing is great too. Throughout during this story you get to make a lot of rather difficult choices and from what I’ve seen they can have an ongoing effect on the story, there’s also heaps of events while travelling that changes the experience immensely.

The Banner Saga

he combat seems pretty good too. A good mix of characters with a variety of skills to use and abuse and a mix of enemies to fight against. It’s turn based strategy and for the most part I’m finding it rather tough, not sure if I have the right tactics down just yet and I end up losing certain battles.. the key ones even more often. There’s no rewind function which would really help as sometimes I seem to miscalculate the moves and just miss being able to attack sometimes. Just figured out when mousing over these spots the in range enemies will be highlighted in red but it still takes practice.

I’m really just not used to it, I was never a big turn based fan and am still only partial to this style of  combat. I more prefer the real-time strategy style of things and thinking on the fly, this is far more like chess and it seems you really are supposed to take your time thinking through your moves turns ahead. I’m just not a thinker, ERI SMASH!!

The Banner Saga

this went… poorly

I ended up not finishing my first play-through. It  splits you up into two forces marching with different goals and the human based one just had so many troubles. If something was going to go wrong it did, I was constantly out of supplies and losing forces, every single choice I made seemed to work against me towards this and morale was extremely lol. To make matters worse fights tended to have some bad luck. Starting off with a weaker character, who only moves later that is separated and right next to one of those gigantic monsters having a first turn.. then promptly gets pulverized. The end of my run was extremely tense as we were stuck in this town being sieged with many choices to make. I seemed to make the wrong ones, they broke in and I ended up losing the second fight. Thus the story ended.

I’ll have to have another playthrough though to see whether the story goes and make some more calculated decisions. I don;t wont to lower the difficulty as that seems half the fun but, if I end up losing again I might reload and do it.

Another game I got, but this time gifted from the amazing MR MURF was Shovel knight, a retro platformer. It is a really great game, I love the pixel art style and design and the mechanics themselves are amazing too. IT”S SOOO FRUSTRATING THOUGH. It’s one of those games were the smallest movements and miscalculations will punish you and the design of worlds and the hazards really makes certain parts extremely hard to manoeuvre. Some of the bosses are quit tough as well and you spend a lot of deaths learning there moves and how to counter.

But, for some reasons I kind of like it. It’s that kind of game you get so frustrated with but have to continue on. Every time you beat one of those harder sections you feel that deep sense of satisfaction.. you beat it, finally, and then you begin to learn the next section. I spent way too much time going through this game but am kind of glad, there is something just transfixing about these earlier experiences with overcoming such difficulty through a combination of twitch and memory.


Rage quit level

Of course there was Wildstar as well and I ended up doing a lot more levelling. Slowly climbing up in the levels while grinding out a multitude of quests, endless kill based things that I’m more than ok with. Thinking over it, there really isn’t much I seem to remember about the questing, no stand out parts and I can’t remember any important names. I’m usually just not thta interested in-game  lore and this is no exception.

It seems the skill customisation has finished up now and I’m probably going to keep with the same skills I have now throughout. I have that rotation down near perfect with using skills in a chain. I ended up with two cc’s on the bar to abuse the vulnerable state more often as it makes killing things so much quicker. It’s definitely a good combat system and I’m getting really used to the telegraphs and constant movement but, I just wish the put more emphasis on them.



With questing I can go above my level to kill things rather easily, and even some of the group mobs but it ends up getting too hard to kill simply because the base attacks do too much damage. I’m avoiding everything and pivoting around the mob constantly, getting a lot of damage in but I’m being held back by this factor. I want to have that challenge available to me, to go after those higher profile targets by myself more often just for the challenge and if I’m good enough be able to kill them. Getting beaten down by the unavoidable is frustrating and, I think bad design. Reward skill, as they apparently want to do.

I do like that they get you into a group to complete but then why not make more of the 5 man mobs around the zones. another couple of world boss types and make them attractive targets to kill by, I don’t know maybe gold or the most lust after object in the game, decor. Something I can use and enjoy no matter what level I’m at.

More of this

More of this

The other thing I want to see in WIldstar questing is more large group events. What is in place is really just… pathetic. Static quests in a single spot that constantly cycle between states and really don’t have that many mechanics. I guess I’ve been spoiled by certain mmo’s now with it but I just feel like it makes the zones feel so much more alive. You don’t have to pile them in, just a few locations where they might be but that are dynamic, maybe changing spaces and timing… maybe even difficulty. It’s something that also encourages grouping and even though I really like the variety of options that encouragement to group still; needs a lot of work here.

The other thing I’ve been doing is a touch of crafting and, I rather like the system here. I picked up Armor crafting as, after the last dungeon run I wanted a full tanking set for the next time and I levelled it up to my current level over the course of a day. While levelling I’ve been doing a bit of mining and it ended up that I had more than enough resources to get me there. It interesting how it’s all designed, to make an item you have a nice amount of customisation in being able to put in the stats you want for it, then you can even boost those up to the amounts you want. The better power source you put in means you can bump these up even further but beyond a certain point there is an element of loss.. risk the resources or get a better reward. Me likey.

WildStar armor crafting

I really like the tech tree element as well. You craft, or even salvage enough of certain components and you then get access to higher ones. Fill enough of these and then you get access to benefits to your profession as well. Fill in those crafting missions and fill out other elements and you get access to bonus gear with different looks. I can even craft PvP gear which is pretty awesome. There is a lot to craft here but you can really specialise in the parts you need or what is wanted and bypass other sections while still progressing forward.

There is more I want to talk about but, at this point I think those a whole other post haha.

For the week to come I definitely see more Wildstar but, probably not level 50 just yet. I could but I am a wee bit overloaded in games at the moment… first world gamer problems. All these steam games and I also got gifted a couple more awesome thingies: Doone gave me Knytt Underground, a rather pretty looking indie plat-former (i just can’t get enough) and Izlain threw me a beta invite to Dead Island Epidemic, a mixed pve/pvp game revolving around capture points.. looks fun.

Stay safe out there peeps and may you jump with precision

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4 thoughts on “Progress Report: Steam Sales and Wildstar Overload

  1. Go for it! I’m stoked to see other folks join my personal Steam challenge. I’d love to see it pass around and become a thing, simply because I hate to think about all that time and love that went into making those games that gather dust in my Steam library. Who knows what gems are there!

    Don’t Starve is worth putting some hours into. Just don’t shave your beard next to a burning fire. That’ll save you a silly death (not that I have any experience with that…. no. Never…). XD

    I REALLY want to play Banner Saga, but it’s going to have to wait until next sale, I think.

    Good luck with your challenge! Keep us updated. 🙂

    • i don’t even care about there effort .. i’m missing out haha. SO many cool games to play.

      And baner saga is pretty amazing

  2. I love Banner Saga too. I got it ealier this year I think, but I haven’t finished it. But I’ve put in a few hours and I was really blown away by the art as well. The story is very interesting. I’d actually tried to write a “diary” of my journey through the game, but life got in the way. Maybe Ill pick that idea up again this summer.

    @Aywren: what do I win for picking up the Steam challenge? 🙂

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