Link Dead Radio: Psychology and Segregation

The Links

  • Interesting experiment looking at the styles of games played and actions wherin and their potential motivations. Looks like those who tend towards playing bad people actually engage in more pro social behaviour
  • The Psychology of games explores the studies around aggression in games and how many recent findings are showing strong links towards frustration rather than content.
  • Cogitationes Astalnaris Talks about how Gameplay trumps Lore, or should in most instances and relates it to the silliness of faction warfare and how it constrains play
  • A couple interesting discussion that were inspired by the Esports gender segregation. Evil as a hobby looks at how, through segregation we can create many positives for woman in gaming by providing a safer space, more visibility and encouraging a greater number to participate but of course there are issues. Be Young and Shut Up wonders whether the segregation itself, regardless of aims further damages the legitimacy of woman in gaming.
  • Inventory Full ponders the recent Guild Wars 2 update and in turn the changes of the genre in general and of the player towards more directed and optimal styles of play.
  • Kill Screen looks at the social experiments of facebook and how gaming has been utilising and testing psychological principles for years
  • Blessing of Kings Looks at the changes in depth of sub systems and how once they gain greater focus and more updates it removes interest away from other areas.
  • Gaming SF looks at the LOTRO raiding controversy and about what priorities we have when developing for specific demographics

The Vids

Sniper Elite 3

Gods will be Watching

Divinity: Original SIn

Mighty NO. 9

WIldstar Strain

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