Progress Report: Heaps of Housing

Well, for this week it’s been the a same old work grind. I am now hating the cold with a bitter passion. Every morning I make that internal fight for power over my limbs in order to get up, and maybe get ready for work in a reasonable time. I’ve been late to work a few days now.

For some reason I’ve been staying up way too late as well which only makes my troubles in the morning worse. I don’t know why really, I’m tired but just feeling a little distracted by a million different things of late and then end up forgetting about the time. Last night it was 2 hours of hearthstone and a winning streak from rank 22 to 14. Sometimes it’s just wanting to keep playing or watching something as after getting home, cooking a meal and doing whatever else it feels like there just isn’t enough time left. Adult life it seems but it sucks nonetheless.

Most of my gaming this week has centred around Wildstar. The other mmo that shall no longer be named is now deleted from my hard drive too. I just don’t have the drive to play and it seems the AvA side is having a lot of issues with extremely poor performance and a few other issues that have been magnified over time. Mainly because after a recent AMA it seems they are going to continue on with expanding the veteran cap content while leaving that gigantic wall in place so, I see a lot more of Wildstar filling that mmo gap in the future, at least until something shinier gets released.

Instead of rehashing the same thing, that sort of quest/kill levelling grind to the cap that really doesn’t change that much beyond the scenery I thought I’d take the time to show off my housing plot and maybe talk a little more about the housing this week as it is an area I have sunk a LOT of time into…equal to or maybe even more than questing which is a rather weird thing. The main reason I tend to go out and quest is simply to gain more gold, which then promptly gets funnelled into the housing plot. Talk about your money sinks.

I’ve been showing the progress a little as I’ve been building. The original plan was for just a chill out spot next to the garden which then turned into an upstairs chill out pad with a few items picked up in my travels.. it was a nice spot.

WildStar chillout

I just wasn’t happy with it though. It wasn’t large enough for what I wanted and I was interested in further testing the building mechanics. When I started the controls where a little weird with how to turn and size things but once you get the hang of it it really gets quite easy. That beginning it actually took me some time to build that platform, to space out the planks and put things in place,to put down new objects but now I knocked out most of my current place in a few hours… I think. The foundation was definitely rather easy to get down right once you figure out how to stick items together as well as the copy paste mechanic. Most of time I spent was more the little finishing touches; getting rid of the small little gaps that annoy my OCD side intensely. Then there was setting up all the knick knacks and getting that overhanging tarp just right.
WildStar bar

and the night shot

WildStar night bar

I had the idea for a outdoor bar type idea originally and as I built it was interesting to see it take form. It isn’t exactly like what I originally envisioned and is far more rustic but I kind of like that. Makes it feel more homely. I also had to add some plushies as the customers but the only ones I’ve got so far are the protostar and Pink lopp as they are available quite cheap from the reputation vendors. Adding them really made the space pretty awesome too. I like it a lot, especially the Lopp couple having a romantic dinner.

WildStar64 2014-07-08 19-43-20-244 WildStar64 2014-07-08 19-44-02-699

The only issue now though is that I’m quickly running out of the item Limit. For inside the house it seems you get heaps but outside, well its a measly 300 and I’m currently sitting at around 250 with only a small part of the plot developed. I even had to spend a lot of time removing a lot of the detail work I’d done with individual planking down below and with the fence that was around the top level just to allow further building. It was a bit sad to remove some of the things sitting about on the initial bar space too, I still left a bit there.

WildStar bar

It is pretty much finished now I think, which is pretty awesome. The only thing I want to do now is fill out the downstairs pillow relax spot with knick knacks which I think will bring me in just under the allowance.

The whole rest of the yard is looking pretty vacant now though and I’d love to keep developing a little more. Some people have done amazing things with their spaces and filling them out well but that involves upscalling most of the items and that really doesn’t appeal to me. I love working with the detail of the system. Well I can probably make an alt character and make something else although, the question becomes what to make next.

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