Firefall and the Revamp for Release

Firefall is officially releasing on the 29th of July.. Why are you laughing?
And it seems it will also be releasing with a lot of new content.. Why are you still laughing?

Oh I get it. Firefall has been in development limbo for the better part of a decade now. It’s been in beta for, I think a few years now and it seems like very little has really been added. A lot has changed, whole entire systems reworked countless numbers of times and, in fact, if you look at the development I can see many completely different games there. Because of this there are many of us that are rather sceptical and view their posts as a bit of a joke.

Firefall is a good game, or more I should say Firefall could be a good game but only if and when  the team at Red 5 are able to focus on one image for what this game is going to be. There were a lot of problems with previous management which I outlined a while ago but even now heading towards release they’ve completely reworked the progression and crafting system againn. I’m still sceptical really, even with a released tag as it’s gone through so many cycles it’s hard not to wonder if that will happen again. Who knows, maybe in 2015 Firefall will be a moba, or incorporate voxels.

There are quite a few blog posts about the changes heading into release and some of these sound exciting. Probably enough to get me jumping back in to have a look and try it all out. Launch Blog 5 talked about the new land that will be coming in, quadrupling the small space we’ve been stuck with many years now. There will be an open pvp space to fight over resources for and a new veteran tuned zone to explore. And I they will be expanding the main map space as well.

firefall Smokestack

There will be more major changes happening to most of the systems following the theme of simplicity. Firefall was a bit complicated before with it’s progression, crafting and item use and while I personally enjoyed learning and using these aspects I understand that it constantly confounded new players. Blog 2 talked about this in a little detail and the main points are that the resource types are getting cut down to three. many items are getting wrapped together and the whole thing is getting a ui overhaul to be more user friendly. There will still be researching and crafting multiple different parts but they’ve removed a ton of items and special components are mostly getting removed now. No more item destruction either.. just decay that can be repaired.

The part I’m not sure about are the changes to progression as a character and the battleframes. Blog 1 went into this a little with the different aspects of progression, namely how the experience and customisation will change as you progress but from what I understand it will be a far more level based experience. Abilities unlock over time, power grows substantially and the gear is a part of this too, Even the zones, dungeons, and story instances will be designed with these sort of restrictions in mind. Now, Firefall beforehand did have a certain amount of power creep but you could still contribute and were able to follow along with friends how you wanted, I’m hoping it’s the same now as well.

There will be certain changes to the resource and currency system as well mostly outlined in the recent Blog 6. A few new currencies are getting placed in from tickets given out for reputation vendors in certain spaces and also a credits system as the main form of money to be mostly used for the market system as well as a few other spaces. This new currency is gained through conversion of crystite, a little complicated yeh, but they’re introducing a player based market for red beans with no market fee.


After all of that BS I did enjoy my time with Firefall. The combat was fun, the classes varied and it had an amazingly open gameplay system that put next to no restrictions on how you could play and who you could play with, I can recommend on that fact alone. On my first days play a long time ago I fell into a group doing some of the hardest content there currently was in the game. I really enjoyed that level of freedom and haven’t seen it again since and while it sounds like they are adding a little structure with story missions the foundation is still open.

Also, I’ve always thought that as a company they kind of got community right. If it wasn’t for the negatively surrounding the wealth of changes and the lack of content it would be an amazing place. The developers still do quite well though with engaging the playerbase: there’s still a weekly Dev show to watch, they are pretty active on the forums and in game and there are many community events to get involved with like let derbies and such with a daily recount over at souncloud of that’s days events. This weekend will have the devs controlling a group of Chosen bosses that will be assaulting the major towns… Should be fun.

So what’s the point that of this.. Hmm,  I don’t know. If you haven’t played yet well it seems like a good time to try. If you have well..could be worth a look and instead of the 29th you’ll be able to get access on the 15th. Now there does seem to be a complete market wipe. There’s a resource trade in event at the moment, research is getting reset with certain benefits allowed and a lot of items are getting changed to the new system or put in a place for salvage. It seems rather complicated but with such drastic changes they’ve done a decent job of rewarding those who have spent time in the years of beta… I guess.

I’ll be jumping in for a scout around and tt seems Levelcapped has the same idea as well. Mainly to see these new spaces they have created and to probably get involved with the community events surrounding the unlocking of new spaces. I really enjoyed this game and hopefully will again. If you jump in give a shout out in game to Eriena or look for a familiar purple glow.


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3 thoughts on “Firefall and the Revamp for Release

  1. I haven’t played in absolutely ages but I’d like to give it another run. I had fun last time. So much has changed I think I’ll start over from scratch, assuming I even have a choice. Not really sure my old character would even still exist…

    • Characters will still be there and even the experienced earned will be a part of them, just everything else about them is gone haha

  2. I still have this on my list of must tries. However a new F2P title I’ve been looking forward to, Heroes & Generals just released on Steam today, and I’ve been thinking of trying out SWTOR, since I’ve never played that one either.

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