Couch PODtatoe 4: Enter the Esports

In case you didn’t know so far I am a terrible Podcast Cohost. I’m often late to our internet meets and then speed another 10 minutes chugging down a tea.. maybe another 5 hacking up whatever has loged itself in my trachea over night. I had to leave Murf and Izzy to their chattering for a part of it because other circumstances arose that needed me (namely forgetting to wake the hubby for an appointment and then proceeding to help him get ready in record time).

I also take waaaaaaaay to long in posting this little wrap up. The podcast was up a couple days ago now and while I was going to do it the day after I .. hmm.. didn’t forget just got into one of those gaming trances. If you want up to dat accounts of our pod bound antics well then… you should probably keep an eye on IZZY more than me.

Anyway, this weeks podcast saw us delving into the madness of MOBA. Trying to decern what exactly that means and the many complications related to the acronym. What exactly is a MOBA and what other genres are kind of similar. Personally I think the name itself, removed from the acronym seems to be a good descriptive of the game type now, a couple years ago no but now with many other games taking up the mantle yes. It’s become a household name in a way.

We then discussed the nature of esports as they are now and where they’ve come form. From a groth from a smaller niche community of events like evo to the massive 10 million dollar powerhouse it is now. We also argued over what exactly a sport is these days: the use of the term and complications for using it as an umbrella term.

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 4: Esports (runtime: 1:10:37)

Breaking the Ice: what are we playing? (starts at 2:23)
MOBAs and Esports (starts at 9:47)
Idiots on the Internet: GTA Biker Gang (starts at 55:23)
Community Talk: The Steam Personal Challenge (starts at 1:05:02)

Idiots on the Internet article:

Biker Gangs in GTA and the idiocy they get up to.

Community Spotlight:

Aywren of issues the steam personal challenge. This year these things have been really popular and it made us both think about our accounts and I’ve been playing through some ever since

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