Link Dead Radio: Critical Conversations

*Note to all, I’m a;ways looking for articles to add to these weekly round ups so if you do have anything to add or maybe find something during the week then message me.. oh I don’t know… wherever*

The links

  • 1001 -up is still looking for participants in its hearthstone tournament. I’ve already enlisted so, if you might want to get even after the last trouncing that’s the place but BE WARNED.. no more kiddie deck MWHAHAHAHAA…
  • Go check out the Mystical Mesmer, A nother Newbie Blogger that much like myself came at the end of the NBI and suffers from an incurable case of Word Spam. Latest article muses about a number of current games and looks at just how different things are now in our High Tech world.
  • Under the pale tree contemplates the many questions with this new Living story season as well as the ending of the previous season and does a great job wrapping up a few theories regarding motives, action and result. Even without playing this is interesting stuff.
  • Gamer By design visits the GaymerX conference and relays his experience.
  • Link Saves Zelda explores the importance of finding a balance when begin a critical fan; that we can still love games while exploring the more problematic nature of them in a mechanical or cultural way. That we often do so out of a want to make our medium better, not just for us.
  • The Ancient Gaming Noob makes an interesting analysis of the percentage of raiders in LOTRO in pointing out that it might not be just about numbers and that these communities might provide other more positive benefits that outweigh their relative niche’ness. That they may be deserving of more attention than than numbers might imply..
  • An interview with the devs of Age of Ascent over at Kill Screen and how with changing technologies they are hoping to create the largest mmo battle

The Vids

Borderlands: The pre sequel narrated gameplay

Battleborn Trailer

Don’t starve Multiplayer prototype

Destiny Beta Trailer


2 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Critical Conversations

  1. Yeah, somebody “got” my post. I had a few comments that seemed to assume I hate raiders. That and a long, very off the point, argument about the accuracy of the numbers being bandied about.

    • I feel honoured lol. And yeh it doesn’t seem to be about the numbers really, it’s part of the equation but there are so many other factors involved there. For a game like lotro I’d more say not to bother, that is unless you do want to foster the growth of more hardcore players

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