Progress Report: A Steam Session

Welcome back intrepid followers for another exciting recount of the lunch I had today…what, that’s what instagram is for? Hmmmm, guess I’ll talk about my week in gaming instead.

After playing Wildstar so much for so long I was feeling a bit bad about not playing much of anything else, especially all those new games I purchased during the steam sale. So what did I do, I ended up playing one of those for most of the time instead.. yeh, I have a problem.

That game was Don’t Starve, a survival game with an interesting old world aesthetic. It feels like one of those soundless productions from old movies which really plays well into the feeling of inhabiting this new alien world. It’s just this 2d almost papery looking game but it can still feel so engaging.’

I think the part I enjoy so much about it is that there is so much to learn. There is an abundance of items and mechanics to understand that all end up making survival easier for you. None of it is explained in game much but I really don’t mind to much. It makes it more interesting trying to figure it out as you play. Some things are just common sense, certain food items and such and you can even figure out a lot just by flipping through the crafting menu but of course, doing that is wasting precious time. Then there are things that are intriguing in the world but have no information beyond prodding them and well, that doesn’t seem wise so I end up hitting the wiki for info.


I died a lot through this learning process, again and again at the stupidest of things. Mostly it was forgetting about the turning of time and ending up in the dark getting eaten by something. Actually, getting eating by something tends to be the theme for me. If theirs an dangerous creature in game well… it’s probably killed me about once.


yep, even these cute bastards

After a bit of playing I kind of got the hang of it, somewhere between a dozen deaths I believe as being inquisitive while rewarding overall doesn’t tend to help for that particular playthrough. I started learning a bit about base building, where to build and what to focus on first. Exploration of course seems to be the key which is good as it’s fun to roam around and find what’s out there. Starving is no longer an issue although, it wasn’t really an issue after the first couple goes but there is still a bit out there to be wary of and I’m slowing learning a little restraint… very slowly.

The current game is at day 40 or something now and it’s looking rather good. I’ve planted a lot nearby and have made it through the winter. I have a few pig houses set up nearby and even a couple bee hives nearbyish. The roaming Beefalo are kind of funny though, every now and then they come in heat and end up attacking everything near my base, the structures remain which is good and whoever loses I still end up getting a lot of meat out of it. There’s a spider farm too although they were always crawling into the camp at night, hence the new fence.


I seem to have a bit of a survival kick now, a little because of it but also from the other games I’ve played. It’s a genre I really enjoy just because it often seems to require a little extra learning and dedication to understand and play. And that learnign process is quite enjoyable. I still have Project Zomboid sitting around on the HD somewhere but am wondering what else there could be to satiate that craving…

The other new steam game I tried was The Swapper, I talked a little bit about it on the podcast but it is quite an interesting puzzle plat former. Now those games seem to be rather plentiful and really not that different between each other but there is something Swapper does to make it unique. The art style is rather interesting. A mix of real world items amongst digital tampering and then given some sort of haze. At times it almost feels like some sort of clay animation film.



The mechanics are more interesting as well. It involves creating clones of yourself, to a maximum of 4 and then hivng them repeat the same movements as you. These often need to be placed on top of certain switches in tandem in order to activate what you need but the combination of choosing placements and movements creates a mind bending affair.. the good kind. The way it adds mechanics seems to be well placed as well as the challenge increases and the added abilities come at a nice pace.

The story behind it all is intriguing as well, involving some troubles happening in the space station your exploring while chasing after another character that has something to do with the cloning guns and another life form… it’s odd and it makes me want to get through all these challenges in order to find out more. I just got stuck on one and am going to try a bit more before looking up the cheat.

Of course I played some Wildstar as well but not as heavy as the previous weeks. I’m slowly edging up that way through questing and have just finished up the Wilderrun zone. It’s a nice forest space with a few interesting spaces including the large foreboding structure of giants and I really enjoy how they’ve placed in the ancient trees. They’re almost spiritual. Having the futuristic theme makes it that much better too as I love the mixture of this ancient forest with the technological parts, like a crashed spaceship.. and all those computer terminals.


At this stage I’d love to be getting more into the PvP to get that sweet sweet EXP but with the way my computer is, and how wildstar is optimised (read not very well) it means playing through constant stuttering during the heavy action parts. This usually results in my death which is insanely frustrating. PvP aint no fun when technology is screwing with you.

The good news with this is that I’ll be putting my tax in soon, and possible getting a decent amount back. The hubby has been placated to the idea of me buying a new computer so I should be creating my own desktop once I get that money back sooo.. AWESOME. I want to spend about 1500 for now on getting it together, that seems plenty to get some decent specs for a gaming computer. much excite.

For the week ahead I’m going to be checking out Firefall to see the changes and new content. Loved the concept of the game and the main issue was the lack of content updates and well, here they are. I really want to hit level cap in Wildstar by the end of the week too, no idea why but I just want it done now. The Wolf among us got it’s final episode now too, should be good to see how it’s all ended although at this stage I don’t think it could top how engaging those beginning episodes were just because it seems to be getting more on rails.

With that, take care everyone and may everything in your virtual world not be out to kill you.3


4 thoughts on “Progress Report: A Steam Session

  1. My first thought was that $1500 was a bit extreme for a PC to play Wildstar on, but then I remembered how Oz works.

    Gotta pay for everything as if it was being shipped from the US even if it was actually produced in China or isn’t even a physical object.

    • it is a lot, even for here but then I don’t just play wildstar haha and am looking for a pc to take me into the future in games like star citizen and such. Desktop wins out here now too because replacing stuff is easier and cheaper

      and yes we do get taxed a bit for computer things but then if I’m building it an importing parts I won’t have to.

  2. Unbelievable. I can’t believe you’re on Day 46, lol. So much for being better at this game than you! I think I get too bored after day 25. I get reckless and invariably die soon after.

    • lol, I do too a little. I tend to just keep myself active with a lot of busy work.. planting and collecting wood is one day, stone another day, food the next and so on… a few exploration days out to the far reaches of the land. There’s a routine there which is oddly engaging

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